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Note that Palace Sentinel, although constructed as a dungeon of the "Human Stronghold" type, is not included in the below table, as it is located within the city of Sentinel and does not have a distinct map marker.

Name Type Dungeon Modules
Castle Faallem Ruined Castle 13
The Fortress of Fhojum Ruined Castle 8
Tower Dejom Laboratory 13
Tower Klolpon Coven 8
The Nest of Yagerthoth Scorpion Nest 12
The Monastery of Baalebron Desecrated Temple 10
Klarnem's Hold Ruined Castle 12
Castle Caorhtom Coven 10
Klercba Cultus Coven 8
THe Crypts of Gharcen Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Sahulah Hole Natural Cave 12
Ruins of Ghurhtir Court Scorpion Nest 8
The Cavern of Homunateusia Natural Cave 13
Kratht's Guard Desecrated Temple 12
Ruins of The Vergem Farmstead Natural Cave 13
The Cavern of Dispyoth Natural Cave 13
The F'irhtan Mines Mine 13
The House of Moringyth Vampire Haunt 13
The Blestki Coven Coven 8
Homunuagex Hollow Natural Cave 8
Ruins of The Bernar Farmstead Ruined Castle 13
Ruins of Tower Vlold'kern Crypt 10
The Cavern of Homuneusuna Natural Cave 12
Jubinxa Hollow Natural Cave 12
Blarcom's Guard Harpy Nest 10
The Laboratory of Tlutham Laboratory 8
The Hold of Vluvem Ruined Castle 13
Ruins of F'ochen Palace Vampire Haunt 10
Blurk's Guard Natural Cave 8
Castle V'ogke Ruined Castle 10
The Cathedral of Dispinxiva Desecrated Temple 12
The Graves of D'achar Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Old Fauch Hovel Scorpion Nest 10
The Fortress of Rachim Desecrated Temple 12
Ruins of Rhalpten Hall Laboratory 13
Castle Shoj Ruined Castle 10
The Hold of Ghijom Prison 13
The Maelotha Hermitage Desecrated Temple 14
The Nhethsa Tradition Coven 11
The Pit of Sahas Natural Cave 14
The Laboratory of Fhull Laboratory 10
The Jubilon Cloister Desecrated Temple 8
Castle Burkem Harpy Nest 10
The Fheld Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The House of Duke Darkehyth Vampire Haunt 8
The Follka Cabal Coven 13
The Hold of Fost Scorpion Nest 10
Ruins of The Berch Farmstead Natural Cave 11
The Varg'kern Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Helten Web Scorpion Nest 12
The Tosom Mines Mine 12
THe Crypts of T'icte Cemetery 5
F'uv's Gaol Prison 11
The B'eghtta Cabal Coven 13
Ruins of Old T'irnka's Shack Human Stronghold 8
The Baalilonena Cavern Natural Cave 8
Helirlas's Web Scorpion Nest 10
Ruins of Rleldim Tower Natural Cave 10
The Nest of Drurugoth Harpy Nest 12
THe Crypts of Klirdar Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Cave of Jubiamorgon Natural Cave 8
The Lair of Demiblerullah Natural Cave 14
The Flercom Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Cavern of Gerinxulla Natural Cave 13
The Stronghold of Boarchten Mine 12
The D'usir Vaults Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of Tlagon Coven 8
Ruins of The Old Corgrn Place Coven 14
Blocham Tower Coven 10
The Pit of Morkeus Natural Cave 8
Tower Rocter Natural Cave 10
Tower Rhufylir Mine 12
The M'isrn Vaults Cemetery 5
The Haunt of Vladulon Vampire Haunt 12
The Rlizrn Tombs Cemetery 5
Boaven's Guard Scorpion Nest 8
Ruins of The Old Vilpan Hovel Harpy Nest 8
The Sujum Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Sevim Farmstead Laboratory 12
Ruins of Baorcke's Hold Vampire Haunt 10
The Coven of Murmtha Coven 13
The Barrow of Darkulus Crypt 12
The Skulgarock Web Scorpion Nest 13
The Fortress of Chogke Ruined Castle 8
The Monastery of Homunyothiah Desecrated Temple 13
The Roost of Azdon Harpy Nest 8
Lufylan Laboratory Laboratory 10
The Fortress of T'irkon Prison 13
The Hold of Bardim Ruined Castle 8
The Borcher Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Marinxullah Cavern Natural Cave 12
The Stronghold of Shigar Mine 11
Ruins of Blochten Palace Desecrated Temple 8
The Citadel of Khaj Harpy Nest 8
The Tower of Kheghte Laboratory 8
Castle Lithovezzar Vampire Haunt 8
The Vurcom Burial Ground Cemetery 5
Ruins of Old Caosi's Shack Prison 8
The Skulgoth Web Scorpion Nest 8
The Sovan Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Nest of Drugadon Scorpion Nest 8
The Pit of Baalogither Natural Cave 11
Lhargim's Hold Vampire Haunt 12
The Hold of Deghtom Coven 12
C'oshon Tower Natural Cave 12
The Raatham Ruins Ruined Castle 13
The Nest of Azradon Scorpion Nest 14
The Sej Lode Mine 13
The Graves of Flirt Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Nuchta Ruined Castle 8