Daggerfall:Running Without CD


Daggerfall can be run without the CD to improve game speed and prevent the annoyance of having to switch CDs when playing various games.

  1. Install the game with the largest install size.
  2. Copy all the files from the DAGGER\ARENA2 directory on the CD to the ARENA2 directory on your hard drive where you installed the game. There are some large files which are not installed by the largest install size.
  3. Install the latest patch as desired.
  4. Edit the Z.CFG file in your Daggerfall directory. Change the PATHCD value to match that of the PATH value.
  5. To run the game don't use DAGGER.EXE as you would normally, but instead run the command FALL.EXE Z.CFG. You can create a batch file to prevent having to type it each time, but don't name it DAGGER.BAT.