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The Rest Menu is accessed via the Campfire icon

Adventuring is tiring, every so often you will need to rest and recover. Your Medical skill is activated automatically when resting; frequent rest will naturally train up the skill and thus allow you to regain hit points more quickly. Your Endurance attribute affects your magicka regeneration rate.

Resting is required for skill increases. Any skill that is ready to increase will do so upon resting for any amount of time. However, an individual skill can only increase once every six in-game hours.

How to RestEdit

The Rest Menu

To open the Rest Menu, click the Campfire icon or press the "R" key. The menu gives three options:

  • Rest for a number of hours of your choice (up to 99)
  • Rest until fully healed
  • Loiter (wait around) for up to 3 hours

Resting restores lost health, fatigue, and magicka, while loitering does not. However, resting within a town is considered vagrancy. This is a crime, and the town guards will attempt to arrest you for it; loitering will not get you in legal trouble. Take care where you rest as well, doing so in a dangerous area may attract wandering enemies that will interrupt your rest (and attack you).

The Rest Menu will be unavailable if there are enemies in the immediate vicinity.

Safe Places to RestEdit

There are several places you can rest without the risk of attack or arrest. However, you may still be subject to attack if certain quests are active. Safe places include:


  • Characters who belong to the Sorcerer class will not regenerate spell points from resting. The same is true for any custom class that includes the Inability to Regenerate Spell Points disadvantage.
  • If you become infected with lycanthropy or vampirism, resting during the incubation period will trigger a related dream sequence.
  • If you are a vampire, you will be unable to rest or loiter unless you have fed on another creature within the previous 24 hours.
  • Even if you do absolutely nothing, fatigue still falls a full notch each in-game hour (5 minutes of real time). Hide from the guards for a crime long enough and you will die. You cannot sleep while they are looking for you, and they do not ask what you want to do if they find you collapsed from fatigue.