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Name Type Dungeon Modules
Ruins of Sorp Manor Laboratory 12
Ruins of Old Fharmki's Hovel Scorpion Nest 11
The Tower of Chozten Crypt 12
Castle Chevrn Harpy Nest 8
Castle Mormun Barbarian Stronghold 14
Ruins of T'elpir Palace Giant Stronghold 13
Castle Nhurm Desecrated Temple 13
THe Crypts of F'artar Forgotten Cemetery 5
Vorar's Hold Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Glath Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Slarmim Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hezuus's Web Spider Nest 10
Ruins of The Fortress of Suthar Desecrated Temple 10
Ruins of Old Coshka's Place Human Stronghold 13
Castle Grertur Giant Stronghold 8
Koctrn Tower Human Stronghold 8
Bourdem Laboratory Laboratory 10
The Fortress of Baller Scorpion Nest 12
Ruins of Old Fharht-si's Farm Ruined Castle 13
Dhurkan Tower Prison 8
The Moribith Nest Harpy Nest 8
Castle Gluth Human Stronghold 11
Ruins of Castle D'irch'kern Natural Cave 12
Ruins of Graj Manor Scorpion Nest 8
The Fortress of T'ofylar Human Stronghold 13
The Lair of Griplath Spider Nest 14
The Shurd Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Assembly of C'ircba Barbarian Stronghold 12
Drugod Giant Stronghold 12
The Citadel of Boavim Crypt 10
The Tombs of Chijun Cemetery 5
Vojphang Giant Stronghold 8
Ruins of The Fortress of F'egke Vampire Haunt 10
Castle F'ergin Natural Cave 13
Churmon Tower Laboratory 8
Ruins of Lhuld's Hold Spider Nest 13