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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Prison of Grictke Prison 10
Faurp's Hold Human Stronghold 8
The Klircum Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Monastery of Baalibleusulla Desecrated Temple 10
The Hold of Gort Prison 12
The Hold of Gav'kern Prison 10
The Aviary of Yearock Harpy Nest 11
The Cujem Tombs Cemetery 5
Castle Rlerhtim Mine 8
Ruins of The Faarchon Farmstead Human Stronghold 8
The Sepulcher of Stadezeon Crypt 8
The Krortum Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tombs of Tlorpten Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Prison of Glurkum Prison 13
Castle Lelpan Harpy Nest 8
The Thulpon Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of Mhojta Coven 8
The Fherk Vaults Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Ghozam Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Barkten House of Correction Prison 10
The Tower of Ghastam Human Stronghold 12
Surtin Tower Natural Cave 8
Ruins of The Tower of Caurd Natural Cave 10
The Web of Skuldon Spider Nest 13
Castle Vlorgten Ruined Castle 14
The Boldt Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Vojagon Aviary Harpy Nest 10
Boorc Tower Human Stronghold 10
The Graves of Cyercon Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Barrow of Nebuchehaus Crypt 8
The Fortress of Tlurdun Human Stronghold 12
The Blaghtar Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of D'eld Scorpion Nest 8
The Jubul Monastery Desecrated Temple 13
The Citadel of Caermum Desecrated Temple 10
Castle Boafylom Human Stronghold 11
The Tower of Maothon Human Stronghold 8
Tower Kazten Scorpion Nest 12
The Temple of Sahiblonah Desecrated Temple 10
The Stuz Burial Ground Cemetery 5
The Citadel of Norhtur Mine 12
The Shrine of Demulena Desecrated Temple 13
The Grumrugoth Nest Scorpion Nest 8
The Khellun House of Correction Prison 10
The T'aght House of Correction Prison 13
The Fortress of Rairch Human Stronghold 8
The Tower of C'erk'kern Coven 8
The Raafyl Quarry Mine 13
The Maronah Manse Desecrated Temple 13
The Cathedral of Homunuleus Desecrated Temple 8
The Raallam Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Lheghtt Excavation Mine 12
The Hold of Larg Scorpion Nest 10
The Graves of Nagten Cemetery 5
The Blijte Vaults Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Nhild-e Cabal Coven 8
The Graves of T'irnke Cemetery 5
Castle Vlishan Laboratory 10
The Krort Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
Sekrabith Giant Stronghold 12
Castle Grork Spider Nest 8
The Prison of Tlillem Prison 8
The Stronghold of Ceghtan Prison 8
The Barrow of Darkivan Crypt 12
The Tower of Saov Coven 8
The Jubiamulullah Hermitage Desecrated Temple 8
The Hold of Nirkem Ruined Castle 8
Castle Vifylt Coven 8
Castle Mauv Prison 12
The Roost of Skoghu Harpy Nest 8
THe Crypts of Blarnke Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Morrarugoth Aviary Harpy Nest 12
Balthimar Hall Vampire Haunt 8