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Name Type Dungeon Modules Image
Ruins of Ashfield Hall Prison 14 DF-place-Ruins of Ashfield Hall.png
Ruins of The Old Moorhart Place Natural Cave 13 DF-place-Mound 03.png
The Yeomhart Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5 DF-place-The Yeomhart Graveyard.png
Greenton Tower Giant Stronghold 13 DF-place-Tower Ruin 01.png
Grolhoth Giant Stronghold 12 DF-place-Tristore Laboratory.png
The Vojrilas Web Spider Nest 11 DF-place-Mound 01.png
The Ashhouse Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5 DF-place-The Ashhouse Crypts.png
Castle Kingfield Barbarian Stronghold 12 DF-place-Castle Kingfield.png
Coppersly Tower Natural Cave 12 DF-place-Tower Ruin 01.png
The Haunt of Balthenon Vampire Haunt 10 DF-place-Mound 01.png
The Woodfield Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hearthcroft's Guard Orc Stronghold 13
The Ashwing Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hearthsmith Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Coven of Elyzona Coven 8 DF-place-Mound 03.png
The Kingsly Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Sahilorgonivah Grotto Natural Cave 8
Yeomhouse's Guard Vampire Haunt 13
Elausa Cultus Coven 11 DF-place-Mound 02.png
Helker Orc Stronghold 8 DF-place-Mound 02.png
The Cairn of Morulam Crypt 8
The Gaol of Gondard Prison 8
Demuagexia Hollow Natural Cave 11