Daggerfall: Races
Elsweyr background

Khajiit are one of the eight playable races in Daggerfall.

Descended from the great cats of the desert, the Khajiit are an agile, intelligent, and hardy people. Some chose to decorate their faces in the style of their feline ancestors, and most all, given the inclination, make excellent thieves due to their climbing abilities.

Character CreationEdit

Khajiit male PC
Khajiit female PC
"Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr. You are part of a tawny-skinned people, extremely hardy, intelligent, and agile. Many Khajiit have taken to painting their faces to more resemble their legendary feline cousins, the predatory cats that hunt the great desert. Khajiit are on the whole excellent climbers, and adept in all the arts of the thief."
  • Khajiit Special Advantage:
    • +30 to Climbing checks