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Name Type Dungeon Modules
Castle Woodton Vampire Haunt 8
The Tower of Hearthham Laboratory 14
Castle Kingford Coven 14
The Citadel of Yeomfield Human Stronghold 10
The Fortress of Hawkcroft Crypt 8
The Wicksley Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Kingham's Hold Orc Stronghold 12
The Greenwing Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Old Barbayne's Shack Coven 13
Castle Ashham Prison 12
Tower Buckingsly Desecrated Temple 10
Greenford's Hold Mine 8
The Copperhouse Graveyard Cemetery 5
Tower Wickcroft Coven 10
Ruins of Copperhouse Hall Ruined Castle 13
Tower Ashcroft Desecrated Temple 10
The Dungeon of Theodistair Prison 11
Ruins of Greening Manor Crypt 8
The Greensmith Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Citadel of Mastersley Laboratory 14
Ruins of Castle Coppersmith Prison 12
The Gaerwing Crypts Cemetery 5
The Graves of Moorwing Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Moorsly Manor Crypt 13
Gaersmith's Hold Ruined Castle 13
The Penitentiary of Gondyrick Prison 10
Tower Copperston Mine 13
Ruins of Yeomton Hall Ruined Castle 12
Ruins of Wicksmith Tower Prison 14
Moorton Tower Natural Cave 12
Castle Hawksley Vampire Haunt 12
Castle Duke Necromehulon Vampire Haunt 10
Ruins of The Gaerham Plantation Human Stronghold 14
Ruins of Greensly Manor Spider Nest 10
Ruins of Old Evelara's Farm Vampire Haunt 13
Greenwing Tower Human Stronghold 8
The Fortress of Hawksley Laboratory 8
The Tombs of Hearthsley Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Citadel of Woodwing Ruined Castle 13
Ruins of Wickham Manor Laboratory 12
The Hold of Hawking Giant Stronghold 10
Maruagerulla Hollow Natural Cave 14
The Tomb of Magnezezzar Crypt 8
The Assembly of Carolyrrya Barbarian Stronghold 14
The Hearthsmith Crypts Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hold of Buckingsmith Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Fortress of Greenwing Human Stronghold 13
Ruins of Ashfield Orchard Ruined Castle 8
Ruins of Copperhart Tower Ruined Castle 14
Coppersmith's Guard Prison 8
The Fortress of Hawkhouse Human Stronghold 8
The Fortress of Woodhart Ruined Castle 12
Ruins of Buckingford's Hold Laboratory 10
The Hold of Hawkcroft Giant Stronghold 13
The Ashston Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Buckingsly's Hold Natural Cave 12
Ruins of Castle Copperhart Crypt 8
The Citadel of Woodcroft Orc Stronghold 13
Ruins of Hawkston Hall Human Stronghold 10
The Hold of Edwistair Human Stronghold 13
The Hearthwing Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
THe Crypts of Buckingsly Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Greensmith Manor Prison 12
Sektor Giant Stronghold 10
Tower Greensmith Spider Nest 13
The Bedistyr Quarry Mine 12
Gripdred Giant Stronghold 13
The Fortress of Gaersly Ruined Castle 12
Ruins of Tower Ashsley Natural Cave 8
Ruins of Hearthford Manor Orc Stronghold 8
The Hold of Woodfield Ruined Castle 12
Uthyrick Laboratory Laboratory 8
The Hawkston Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Woodford Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Edwistyr Asylum Prison 8
Ruins of Wickcroft Grange Natural Cave 12
The Citadel of Wickton Prison 11
Ruins of The Wickston Farmstead Ruined Castle 12
The Alabistyr Pit Mine 10
The Kinging Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Ashsley Cabin Natural Cave 13
Ruins of The Wicksly Cabin Mine 8
Ruins of Copperston Palace Natural Cave 12
The Barrow of Vladivor Crypt 13
Ruins of Wicking Hall Barbarian Stronghold 8
Tricerrahoth Orc Stronghold 8
Balthanaus Hall Vampire Haunt 11
The Moorfield Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tombs of Mastercroft Forgotten Cemetery 5
Buckingham's Hold Coven 11
Ruins of Gaersley Grange Spider Nest 12
The Moorhart Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of The Citadel of Wicking Human Stronghold 10
The Stronghold of Greenwing Mine 8
Dunyval Laboratory Laboratory 12
The Alabore Mines Mine 11
Griporath Orc Stronghold 8
Castle Greensmith Coven 8
Castle Wickfield Giant Stronghold 8