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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The Tomb of Lithelaus Crypt 8
Castle Sall Scorpion Nest 10
The Aviary of Moriker Harpy Nest 14
Vermhoth Giant Stronghold 8
Stifylir's Guard Spider Nest 10
The Beghtem Vaults Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Glarcer Reformatory Prison 10
The Gocht Mines Mine 8
Castle Sharg Coven 10
The Nest of Norlotor Harpy Nest 14
Tower Boov Crypt 12
Ruins of Caj's Hold Ruined Castle 14
The Gerexulla Hermitage Desecrated Temple 10
The Graves of Krarcht Forgotten Cemetery 5
THe Crypts of V'ild Cemetery 5
The Tuj Excavation Mine 8
The Nest of Helloth Harpy Nest 10
The House of Duke Stadoban Vampire Haunt 12
The Maelith Grotto Natural Cave 14
Ruins of Old Fur-e's Place Scorpion Nest 12
Nhordam's Hold Spider Nest 12
Ruins of Caact's Guard Harpy Nest 12
Kloz's Hold Harpy Nest 10
Suct'kern Laboratory Laboratory 8
The Anlobith Nest Spider Nest 13
Dhigur's Gaol Prison 8
Ruins of The Tower of M'irkam Mine 8
Dagradred Orc Stronghold 8
Ruins of The Old Caermim Hovel Prison 10
The Tomb of Lithimon Crypt 8
The Rattgagod Coop Harpy Nest 8