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Daggerfall:Illusion Spells

Daggerfall: Magic: Spells

This page lists Spells in the school of Illusion.

Spell Element Range Magnitude Chance of success (%) Duration (in-game minutes) Spell Effect(s)
Chameleon Magic Caster only - - 3 + 1/per level§ Chameleon: Normal
(dispelled when attacking)
Invisibility Magic Caster only - - 3 + 2/per level Invisibility: Normal
(dispelled when attacking)
Light Magic Caster only - - 1 + 4/per level Light
(in front of caster for duration of spell)
Shadow Form Magic Caster only - - 1 + 1/per level Shadow: Normal
(dispelled when attacking)
Chameleon and Shadow Form are cheap versions of Invisibility. Chameleon only works when you are not moving, and Shadow Form only works indoors.
Invisibility is only dispelled when you attack an enemy physically, with weapons or hand-to-hand. If you instead attack an enemy with magic, the invisibility effect will not be dispelled; the enemy you just attacked with magic will now find and attack you, but additional enemies in the vicinity will not attack, as they will still be unable to detect you.
§One hour game time is 5 minutes real time, which corresponds to 5 seconds real time for each unit (in-game minute) of duration. E.g., a level 2 character's Light spell would last (1 + 2x4) x 5 = 45 seconds real time.