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Sumurset Isle background

High Elves are one of the eight playable races in Daggerfall.

The tall, golden-skinned High Elves are easily equal to Bretons in sorcerous ability due to their high intelligence, force of will, and agility. They are more susceptible to spells than the people of High Rock, but by their nature are completely immune to paralyzation.

Character CreationEdit

High Elf male PC
High Elf female PC
"High Elves hail from the province of Sumurset Isle. You are part of a tall, golden-skinned people, extremely intelligent, agile, and willful. The magical nature of Sumurset Isle has made the High Elves natural spellcasters who are immune to paralysing [sic] poisons and spells."
High Elf Exclamations
  • "By the Highest One"
  • "By the White Crystal"
  • "By the Wood of Elborn"
  • "By the Blue Divide"
  • "Faerielight"
  • "By the Otherworld"
  • "First Spirit of Tamriel"
  • "Blade of Cassimoran"
  • "Crystals of Sumurset"
  • "By the First Spirit"