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Name Type Dungeon Modules
The V'urmon Tombs Forgotten Cemetery 5
Jubas Hollow Natural Cave 12
The House of Corrivor Vampire Haunt 12
Grectun Tower Natural Cave 10
Castle Raark Human Stronghold 10
Asmebrul Hollow Natural Cave 13
The Stronghold of Blisen Ruined Castle 8
Tower Mezar Orc Stronghold 8
The Tower of Cichin Scorpion Nest 12
The Cave of Balothiah Volcanic Caves 10
Castle Bleghtur Ruined Castle 8
The Stronghold of Baorprn Laboratory 8
The Dilpka Cabal Coven 12
The Shrech Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
Ruins of Rosten Hall Mine 8
Chactur's Hold Prison 13
The Stronghold of Nesh Orc Stronghold 8
The Grave of Morehon Crypt 10
The Vlarcke Tombs Cemetery 5
The Cavern of Demanx Natural Cave 10
The Thuzur Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tombs of Klild Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Rauzun Barbarian Stronghold 14
Ruins of Old Cyuska's Farm Ruined Castle 8
The Cairn of Corringus Crypt 13
Tower Thifyl'kern Coven 14
The Maostte Graveyard Cemetery 5
The Flej Graveyard Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Web of Hellas Spider Nest 12
Ruins of Krichan Hall Orc Stronghold 11
Ruins of Slufyl Tower Vampire Haunt 8
The Web of Tricernogoth Scorpion Nest 12
The Vles'kern Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Vermloth Web Spider Nest 12
Castle Blofylrn Mine 10
Sternan Hall Ruined Castle 10
Ruins of The Tower of Dhorht Desecrated Temple 11
The Citadel of C'orkke Coven 12
The Nest of Rattgod Scorpion Nest 13
The Circle of Krorba Barbarian Stronghold 8
Skulgon Orc Stronghold 8
The Prison of B'etham Prison 12
The Vlornan Excavation Mine 12
The Stronghold of Tlijur Giant Stronghold 10
The Mines of Kluthrn Mine 14
Rhull Tower Barbarian Stronghold 8
The Bairhtar Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Web of Azgarock Scorpion Nest 12
The Asmeusena Cave Natural Cave 12
The Citadel of Faushte Natural Cave 12
Ratthoth's Web Scorpion Nest 13
The Rattdon Web Spider Nest 10
The Tombs of Tlefylir Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Stronghold of Tlosham Desecrated Temple 13
Castle Grarm Human Stronghold 8
F'eth Laboratory Laboratory 14
Rarc Tower Scorpion Nest 14
The Hole of Balebul Volcanic Caves 12
The Tower of Caarhter Scorpion Nest 8
Ruins of Fhister Palace Volcanic Caves 8
Nordred Giant Stronghold 8
The House of Necromoghon Vampire Haunt 8
The Graves of Shur Forgotten Cemetery 5