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This page lists the major changes in design and gameplay from the original game. While we don't wish to change the gameplay too much, there are a number of improvements that can be done.


  • NPCs will not be able to point the way to Thieves Guild's or Dark Brotherhoods related to quests (which will already be marked on the player's map anyways).
  • NPCs' knowledge of quest goal players or houses will be based on their faction affiliations.


  • Dungeons will not 'regenerate' when re-entered after having been explored. Monsters will respawn after a certain duration of time.
  • Dungeon auto-maps will not be lost after leaving them.

Character CreationEdit

  • Characters can not chose more than one 'lower/no magic ability in <>' disadvantage.


  • House doors in cities use 'real' locks with difficulty levels rather than being opened by any successful lockpicking roll.
  • Lockpicking takes time to attempt, but can be used infinite times on doorways to try to open them. Players are informed when they have a 0% chance of success.
  • Players will be kicked out of shops if they loiter past their closing hours.
  • Players are simply not allowed to loiter in a city rather than having guards set after them for it.
  • Bashing or lockpicking your own ship or house door is no longer a crime.
  • Players will go to court with the crime of resisting arrest instead of dying when defeated by guards (as it occassionaly happened in the original game).


  • Spriggans will ressurect themselves twice as documented in the manual.
  • Atronach will have elemental auras as in the manual.
  • Undead take damage from sunlight as in the manual and partially in the game. This will also have the effect of making the Daggerfall undead dissapear at the appropriate time.


  • Monsters encountered in the wilderness will not always appear directly in front of the player.
  • General stores will have only one horse and cart each for game balance purposes when broken into.
  • Your house contains hold and keep items.
  • Map annotations will appear in the form of nodes which show text when moused over, as in Morrowind, making the automap more managable.
  • The timer for equipping weapons does not run when the game is paused.
  • Daedra Lords will not ask to be summoned again when they can not offer another quest; nor will they grant a quest with a goal of an artifact the player has already found.
  • Banks will set a local crime level on a player and send out bounty hunters all over the Illiac Bay for defaulting on a loan.
  • The bank 'trust' system will be somehow tweaked so that so that vast amounts of money cannot be immediatly loaned from countries the player has just visited.


  • The Warrior's Guild will be open at all hours, making its 24-hour room and board actually useful.
  • Guilds give an overview of all available resources when you request to join.

Law and OrderEdit

  • Commiting a crime when any NPC can see you instantly puts a bounty on your head, instead of only being calculated when a guard catches you.
  • Guards have to come within a certain distance of the player to threaten to arrest them, rather than doing so when the player takes any kind of damage and is being chased by guards.
  • Crimes stack on top of each other rather than replacing each other and are all taken into account in jail time or fines.
  • Killing guards is a huge crime.
  • Anyone considered 'scum' by a region has guards set after them immediatly.


  • Create Item will create temporary items as in the manual.
  • The light spell will not go through objects when you get too close to them.