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This page contains a list of possible bugs we've encountered in DarkBasic Pro. Where available, the DB version should be included as well as in which version the bug was fixed in.

  • IDE Crash (v5.4): Rarely crashes when trying to copy text in the IDE (only happened a few times).
  • DLL Parameter Mismatch (v5.4): There is some sort of parameter mismatch when calling a DLL function that takes a DWORD and returns a string. If we have the string table definition SomeFunc[%SD%SomeFunc%SomeFunc with the export definition DWORD SomeFunc(DWORD Value) then the input Value is always 0. If, however, we change the export definition to "DWORD SomeFunc(DWORD Value1, DWORD Value2) and call it in DB with Name$ = SomeFunc(123, 456) then Value1 is still 0 and Value2 is set to 123. This doesn't seem to happen with functions that return other types.
  • Constant Strings (v5.7): There is something wrong with constant string values, for example:
   #CONSTANT DF_GAME_PATH = "e:\dagger\"
   Result = DFESetGamePath(DF_GAME_PATH)

results in the compile-time error "Must close speech marks" (speech marks?). DFESetGamePath here is an external DLL function call.

  • IDE Function Completion (v5.7): A minor bug with the function help displayed in the status bar while you type in the IDE. For example, if you type "TESTLOG" the function popup will show the LOG function.