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Name Type Dungeon Modules
Ruins of Buckingfield Orchard Desecrated Temple 8
The Tombs of Hearthston Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Quarry of Gondistair Mine 8
Ruins of Moorcroft Grange Laboratory 12
The Hearthham Vaults Cemetery 5
The Coppersmith Cemetery Cemetery 5
The Crypt of Verimus Crypt 12
Ruins of The Yeoming Cabin Desecrated Temple 8
The Cairn of Marquis Magnenus Crypt 8
The Hawksly Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Fortress of Greenton Ruined Castle 13
Grolraphang Giant Stronghold 10
The Woodcroft Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Hawkwing's Hold Mine 8
Ruins of Old Vannyrrya's Farm Desecrated Temple 8
The Elyzabyth Tradition Coven 14
The Yeomsley Cemetery Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Ashham Graveyard Cemetery 5
THe Crypts of Greenwing Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Hawkwing Ruins Ruined Castle 8
The Tombs of Wickhouse Cemetery 5
Grumlath Giant Stronghold 10
The Lysyna Cabal Coven 12
The Disponiva Hole Natural Cave 10
The Yeomford Graveyard Cemetery 5
Ruins of Hearthwing's Guard Coven 11
Hearthford Tower Barbarian Stronghold 8
Tower Ashsmith Natural Cave 12
Ruins of Tower Wicking Spider Nest 13
Ruins of Greensmith Manor Ruined Castle 13
The Graves of Masterwing Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Moorcroft Burial Ground Forgotten Cemetery 5
Castle Bedistair Human Stronghold 12
The Tower of Woodston Natural Cave 13
Ruins of The Ashsley Cabin Orc Stronghold 11
The Stronghold of Moorcroft Coven 13
The Mordane Mines Mine 8
Ruins of Woodsley Grange Human Stronghold 10
Ruins of The Coppering Cabin Barbarian Stronghold 8
THe Crypts of Woodford Forgotten Cemetery 5
The Tomb of Veromaus Crypt 8
The Tristane Pit Mine 13
The Grave of Lithogheon Crypt 10
Tower Kinghart Vampire Haunt 12
The House of Lithivam Vampire Haunt 8