Daggerfall: Races
Black Marsh background

Argonians are one of the eight playable races in Daggerfall.

The strange reptilian people of Black Marsh seem equally comfortable in the water - surely no other race of Tamriel can swim faster or for longer than Argonians. An intelligent, quick-footed, and agile people, Argonians often train in magery and thievery.

Character CreationEdit

Argonian male PC
Argonian female PC
"Argonians hail from the province of Black Marsh. You are part of a highly-evolved race of reptiles, known for their intelligence, agility, and speed. Because of their reptilian nature, Argonians do not tire easily when swimming. While many Argonians have successfully mastered the arts of thievery and spellcasting, there are some regarded well as warriors."
  • Argonian Special Advantage:
    • Reduced Fatigue loss while swimming; can hold breath longer than other races
Argonian Exclamations
  • "Swamp Devil"
  • "Mire of Murkwood"
  • "By the Gods"
  • "By the Throne of Aphicles"
  • "By the Blades of Fate"
  • "By the Lonely One"
  • "Host of Stormhold"
  • "By the Swamp Spirit"
  • "By the Mother-goddess"
  • "Bogfire"