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Bloodmoon:The Skaal Test of Wisdom

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Investigate a possible theft of furs within the Skaal Village to determine the fate of the accused.
Quest Giver: Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Skaal Village
Prerequisite Quest: The Skaal Test of Loyalty
Next Quest: The Skaal Test of Strength
Reward: Helm of the Wolf's Heart, A house in the Skaal Village
Disposition: +40 (Engar Ice-Mane),
+40 (Risi Ice-Mane)
ID: BM_Trial
Difficulty: Easy
Engar Ice-Mane is accused of theft

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Tharsten in the Greathall who will ask you to investigate a theft of furs supposedly taken by Engar Ice-Mane.
  2. Find and speak to the accuser, Rigmor Halfhand in his house.
  3. Similarly speak to Engar outside and Risi Ice-Mane inside their house.
  4. Find a Letter from Rigmor to Risi under a pillow in the Ice-Mane's house.
  5. Confront both Risi and Rigmor about the note.
  6. Tell Tharsten about the matter and choose to exile or sacrifice Rigmor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Sacrifice to the wolves

Tharsten Heart-FangEdit

After completing the lengthy Ritual of the Gifts to prove your loyalty to the Skaal, Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Greathall now wants you to prove your wisdom. He asks you to investigate a crime involving Engar Ice-Mane, who is accused of theft, and Rigmor Halfhand. Tharsten explains that Rigmor claims to have had some furs stolen by Engar which were found in his home. If guilty, it is most likely that Engar will be sacrificed to the wolves. You are to investigate the matter and see who is telling the truth.

The InvestigationEdit

Both of the homes are close to the Greathall in the small village, so visit both of them to get their stories of the events. Rigmor has nothing much to add, other than he does not know why Ice-Mane stole anything from him. You'll get the same idea from talking to people around town who seem adamant that Ice-Mane is innocent of the crime. Engar is not home, but his wife, Risi, is, so talk to her about the crime. Risi further states that Engar is innocent and suggests that someone, possibly Rigmor, may have framed him to disgrace him. Engar can be found outside wandering just East of his house. He doesn't have much else to add to the information you've already uncovered.

The AffairEdit

By this time you might have noticed the subtle hints from people that might indicate that Risi Ice-Mane and Rigmor Halfhand had a little intimate relationship, although no one will say that right out. If this were true, it may provide a motive for Rigmor to falsely accuse Engar of theft. Take a closer look around the Ice-Manes' house and under the pillow of one of the beds you'll find a telling Letter from Rigmor to Risi.

Confront Risi about the note (ask her about Rigmor Halfhand) and she will confirm that they had a short affair. Go and confront Rigmor about the affair who will confirm the entire thing.

Return to TharstenEdit

Return to Tharsten in the Greathall about the news you've learned and he'll leave the fate of Rigmor up to you, either exile or the wolves. You'll receive the Helm of the Wolf's Heart as your reward, no matter which punishment you choose. If you choose sacrifice, Tharsten will congratulate you on showing Halfhand mercy by letting him die with honor. You are asked to lead the accused to the wolf pen. You'll find Halfhand outside where you'll follow him to the wolf pen where he'll be attacked (the wolves disappear once he dies). It is possible for a very powerful character to kill the three Caenlorn Wolves before they can kill Halfhand (it helps to run ahead and open the wolf pen before Halfhand enters it), but aside from a slightly different reaction from Tharsten, and Halfhand standing in the wolf pen for the rest of the game, it appears there is little point. One can also Soul Trap two of them (each will fill a Common Soul Gem, rather than the Lesser type of the normal wolf varieties), then let the third do its job. Jumping the fence to do this may make the third wolf just stand there and not kill Halfhand; the gate must be opened before attacking the wolves for their scripting to work properly.


  • Since Rigmor's hut is now empty you'd think it would make a great place to rest and store loot. Resting is fine, but at some point, you are rewarded with his house, only they change the name and thus the interior cell, meaning that anything you had stored there will disappear.
  • Closing the wolf pen and locking the door using a Lock spell effect will prevent Halfhand from entering it, giving you plenty of time to kill the Caenlorn Wolves before they can kill Halfhand.


  • If you choose exile as Rigmor's punishment, he will remain standing in the Greathall for the rest of the game.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Skaal Test of Wisdom (BM_Trial)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Tharsten Heart-Fang was pleased with the reactivation of standing stones, and tells me that I have passed the Test of Loyalty among the Skaal. Now I must pass the Test of Wisdom.
20 Engar Ice-Mane has been accused of theft by Rigmor Halfhand. Apparently, theft is a grievous offense among the Skaal, as each is given according to his need. It is an offense punishable by death, or worse, exile from Skaal lands. Engar Ice-Mane has chosen death over exile. Heart-Fang would like me to investigate the accusation of theft, bring him proof of the crime, and make a decision based on my findings. I should speak with the people of the Skaal Village and find out what I can about the crime.
30 I have been told that many people doubt that Engar would resort to any sort of thievery. He was a respected warrior, and was known to be an honorable man.
40 Korst Wind-Eye believes that Engar Ice-Mane could not possibly be a thief. He says that the warrior is a much-honored and respected member of the tribe, and that it seems unbelievable that he would steal from another. He suggests I speak with Ice-Mane's wife, Risi.
45 Risi has told me that she does not believe that her husband could possibly have done what he is accused of. She claims that Halfhand is merely jealous of her husband, and has trumped up these charges to disgrace him.
50 I have found a note that suggests that Rigmor Halfhand and Risi Ice-Mane had recently had an affair. I should show this note to Risi Ice-Mane, and speak with her about this issue.
55 Risi tells me it is true that she and Halfhand did have a brief affair. Although Risi ended their relationship, Halfhand has continued to pursue her affections. I should speak with Rigmor Halfhand about this situation.
60 Confronted with the evidence I have gathered, Halfhand admitted to his prior relationship with Risi Ice-Mane, and also admitted that he accused Engar with the crime to force him out of the Skaal camp.
70 I have reported my findings to Tharsten Heart-Fang. He was convinced by my evidence, and has declared that all charges against Ice-Mane are to be dropped. Additionally, he has told me that presenting a false accusation of a serious crime is in itself as serious a crime, and Halfhand must now be sentenced.
80 Because Heart-Fang now trusts my judgment, I must decide what the punishment for Halfhand will be. I must choose between Halfhand being exiled from the Skaal community or being fed to the Skaal's ceremonial wolves. Apparently, being fed to the wolves is considered a more honorable way to die.
100 Finishes quest  I have chosen exile as Halfhand's punishment. Heart-Fang was satisfied with my decision, and has rewarded me with the Helm of the Wolf's Heart.
105 Finishes quest  I have chosen being fed to the ceremonial wolves as Halfhand's punishment. Heart-Fang was satisfied with my decision, and has rewarded me with the Helm of the Wolf's Heart. I am to lead Halfhand outside so he may accept his sentence.
200 Finishes quest  Heart-Fang was not happy that Rigmor was dead before Skaal justice could be enforced.

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