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Bloodmoon:The Ritual of Beasts

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Ease the Suffering of the Good Beast.
Quest Giver: Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Skaal Village
Location(s): Lake Fjalding
Prerequisite Quest: The Disappearance of Captain Carius
Next Quest: The Skaal Test of Wisdom
Concurrent Quest: The Ritual of Water, The Ritual of Earth, The Ritual of Trees, The Ritual of the Sun, The Ritual of the Winds
Reward: None
ID: BM_Beasts
Suggested Level: 30
Difficulty: Medium
The Beast Stone

The Story of Aevar Stone-SingerEdit

Aevar was tired, as the Sun burned him, the trees offered no shade, and there was no wind to cool him. Still, he traveled on to the Beast Rock, and the All-Maker spoke.

"Find the Good Beast and ease his suffering."

Aevar traveled through the woods of the Isinfier for many hours until he heard the cries of a bear from over a hill. As he crested a hill, he saw the bear, a Falmer's arrow piercing its neck. He checked the woods for the Falmer (for that is what they were, though some say they are not), and finding none, approached the beast. He spoke soothing words and came upon it slowly, saying, "Good Beast, I mean you no harm. The All-Maker has sent me to ease your suffering."

Hearing these words, the bear ceased his struggles, and laid his head at Aevar's feet. Aevar grasped the arrow and pulled it from the bear's neck. Using the little nature magic he knew, Aevar tended the wound, though it took the last bit of his strength. As the bear's wound closed, Aevar slept.

When he awoke, the bear stood over him, and the remains of a number of the Falmer were strewn about. He knew that the Good Beast had protected him during the night. He traveled back to Beast Rock, the bear by his side, and the All-Maker spoke to him again.

"You have returned the Gift of the Beasts. Once again, the Good Beasts will feed the Skaal when they are hungry, clothe them when they are cold, and protect them in times of need."

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and activate the Beast Stone on Felsaad Coast.
  2. Track down the Good Beast and heal it.
  3. Return with the Good Beast to the Beast Stone and activate it.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Beast StoneEdit

The Beast Stone is near the east side of the island, south of the Skaal Village, in the Felsaad Coast area north of Lake Fjalding. If you follow the east bank of Lake Fjalding and continue north you should shortly run into or see the spire of the stone. Activate the Beast Stone to be told to travel south and ease the pain of the Good Beast. You may wish to read the story of the rituals for more details on this. The story mentions the beast was a bear wounded by a Falmer's arrow piercing its neck.

The Good Beast being attacked

Aid the Good BeastEdit

This time the directions are quite sound as directly south, past the lake, you'll see indeed five rieklings attacking a snow bear, the Good Beast. Kill the rieklings and you'll receive a journal message stating that it has been wounded by a riekling arrow, which you must remove. If you accidentally hit the bear during combat with the rieklings, use a calm creature spell to stop it from attacking you. If you don't have a Calm Creature spell, you can just run away until the bear stops chasing you, then return, at which point the Good Beast should be calm. Either way, activate the bear and you will be presented with an inventory screen, from which you must remove the arrow. Once the arrow is removed you'll receive another journal entry telling you to stay with the bear until it is well or try to heal it. You can cast a restore health spell or scroll, or, rest an hour or two. The amount of time you need to rest depends on how much damage the rieklings caused - the bear will only follow you once it is at full health. If you defeated the rieklings very quickly, you may not even need to rest at all before you receive the journal entry.

Return to the Beast StoneEdit

Once the bear is at full health again, you'll receive another journal entry stating that the bear is healed and wants to return with you to the Beast Stone. Travel back to the stone, but keep in mind that the bear is very slow, and may be attacked by any further enemies you encounter on the return journey. Activate the stone when the bear is nearby to complete this portion of the ritual.


  • If the bear dies, you will get a "Quest Failed" message. It will not be possible to complete the main quest if this happens. After the Ritual of Beasts is finished, the bear may be killed without any consequences.
  • You can still trap the bear's soul, simply killing him after you have touched the stone and ended the quest.
  • After completing this quest, one or more of the special Rieklings who were fighting the Good Beast may respawn where originally killed, and will do so in a non-hostile state (toward you or the Good Beast). ?

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Ritual of Beasts (BM_Beasts)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 As I approached the Beast Stone, magical writing appeared on its surface. It said: "Travel south. Find the Good Beast and ease its suffering."
20 I have come across a bear being attacked by Rieklings.
30 I have defeated the Rieklings attacking the bear. This bear, however, is still wounded. It looks as though it has been pierced by a Riekling arrow that will need to be removed.
40 I have removed the Riekling arrow from the bear, but it is still injured. I should attempt to heal it, or stay with it until it is well.
50 The bear is fully healed from its wounds. I should return to the Beast Stone. It seems the Good Beast would like to return there with me.
100 Finishes quest  As I approached the Beast Stone, it began to glow with a magical light.
105 Finishes quest  The Good Beast has died. I have failed to awaken the Beast Stone.

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