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# of Zones 1
Bears, wolves, dead settlers
Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Legge
Moesring Mountains, [-22,25]

Legge is a small ice cave north of Graring's House.

A group of settlers attempted to take up residence in the cave, as documented in the journal located in the southwest cavern. They used a Ring of Wizard's Fire to fend off wolves and bears, surviving at least one attack by them, as indicated by a journal entry kept by one of the settlers. The settlers were overrun and killed eventually, however, and their corpses are all that remain.

Apart from the ring, the treasure consists of two chests containing random loot as well as a crate containing fur armor. The treasure is guarded by three bears and three wolves.


  • One of the bears managed to consume the ring as well. The ring can be extracted from the bear's body along with the flesh of its former owner.


Map of Legge