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BL-icon-Magicka.png Magicka Damage
Type Offensive
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Does <magnitude> damage to Magicka.
Shield description: Does <magnitude> damage to Magicka on a blocked attack or Shield Bash.

Items with Magicka Damage

Name Rarity Effect Description
Chrysamere Chrysamere Legendary Artifact

Resist Fire +48 Fire resistance.
Magicka Damage Does 147 damage to Magicka.
Absorb Magicka Restores Magicka by damage done, up to 10 points.
Fortify Health Regeneration +2 Health regeneration per second.

Behold Chrysamere, Sword of Heroes, the legendary blade wielded only by those it finds worthy...
Mace of Molag Bal Mace of Molag Bal Legendary Artifact

Stamina Damage Does 101 damage to Stamina.
Magicka Damage Does 101 damage to Magicka.

Also known as the Vampire's Mace, this formidable Daedric artifact drains its victims of their endurance and Magicka.
Witsplinter Divine Witsplinter Legendary

Magicka Damage Does 154 damage to Magicka.
Ravage Magicka Reduces target's maximum Magicka by 32.
Ravage Health Reduces target's maximum Health by 32.

This agile blade is used to seal the minds of spellcasters, making them easy targets for skilled fighters.
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