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Lea Jeanne
Home Town Windkeep
Location Town
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Lee Jeanne

Lea Jeanne is the local alchemist. She can be found working at an alchemy laboratory once built in Town.


Ah, finally back to my laboratory - thanks to you, <name>!
I'm here to satisfy any of your potion-related needs.
How can I be of help?
I need to use your alchemy lab.
It's all yours!
Keep checking back. I'm brewing fresh potions daily.
I have some questions for you.
Okay, but if it's not about brewing potions I'm not sure I can be of help.
I'm listening.
What do you remember about the fire?
I was in my shop when the whole thing started.
There was a bright flash and green flames everywhere, so I fled.
I can assure you, that green fire wasn't natural. I know ancient magic when I see it!
Where are you from?
A little town called Wind Keep in High Rock.
I'm sorry, I never heard of it.
I'm not surprised, it's quite small.
Ever thought of going back?
No. This is my home now, and with you watching over us, there's nowhere safer.
All right, I'm good.
Nothing for now, thanks.
Come back anytime.
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