Blades:Band of the Wraith

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Band of the Wraith
Band of the Wraith (RingOfFrost)
Type Ring Jewelry
Quality Legendary
Requires Level Player Level 45
Buying Price 00000399399Sigils Selling Price (?)(?)Gold
No one knows the origins of this powerful ring, but it has been said you can tell of its nearby presence simply by the chill in the air that follows it around.

Absorb Magicka Restores Magicka by damage done, up to 10 for light weapons, 13 for versatile ones, and 16 for other attacks.
Physical Opportunist Increases physical damage by 26 against targets suffering a condition.
Physical Adrenaline Increases physical damage by 26 while Health is critical.
Bonus Ranks +4 Frostbite Ranks
Bonus Ranks +4 Ice Spike Ranks
Bonus Ranks +4 Blizzard Armor Ranks

The Band of the Wraith is a ring only available to be purchased from the Sigil Shop. Its appearance is the same as that of an Ebony Faerite Ring.