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Battlespire:Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion

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Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion
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Value N/A Weight 0.5
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Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion
The last words of the Battlespire's chief artificer under Emperor Uriel VII

For the eyes of the Exalted Grand Marshall of His August Imperial Highness' Legions, from his Peer of the Twilit Fastnesses, the Battlemage Clarentavious Valisious.

As you read this, I am dead. My life, however, has not been given in vain, for I have vouchsafed you one small hope in all this tide of despair. The Great Star Galley, wrought by my own hand, still stands ready for your service. It will transport you to the High Halls and Librarium of the College.

Feigning vile possession and fellowship with the Enemy, I have contrived to conceal it from them, by dismantling my ingenious Opening Mechanism, and hiding away the five cogs upon which its workings depend. I leave one cog here for you, the others I have cunningly secreted. Assemble the mechanism, and you shall gain entry to the Star Galley Crib.

Beware the one that is named Methats.

He alone, I fear, suspects my ruse and might discover the workings.

One more criterion must be fulfilled before the Star Galley can convey you to the Colleges. Despite my many exertions upon the issue, the Galley requires the full puissance of all five anchors to pierce the mana streams and win free of its moorings.

One such anchor is here in my quarters. If but one anchor is not conjoined, the Galley will lack the power to depart this space.

Now listen and pay heed. If you would achieve this undertaking and drive the dark ones from our Emperor's sovereign estate, seek out my remains. There you shall find the Typos Sophia, that shields any who possess it from the Taking into puppetry that is Possession. If you find me yet alive by some miracle, it shall be yours for your great purpose.

In Finis, when addressing the burial of those souls fallen here, I pray you remember their valour and their service in the name of Empire and forever hold high the name of Battlemage.