Battlespire:Book of the Wheels of Heaven

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Book Information
Value N/A Weight 0.5
Found in the following locations:
  • The room on the other side of the long hallway at the northern exit of the large hall in Shade Perilous.
Book of the Wheels of Heaven
A Daedric book of peculiar tables and complex illustrations

[[The book is written in Daedric, but the illustrations of various complex wheel, gear, and pulley arrangements suggest that this could be the Book of the Wheels of Heaven. By studying the tables of codes in the back, you discover that the code you are looking for is Doht Yoodt Seht Koht, or DUSK in Tamrielic. The table also displays the codes written as numerals, which happily are the same in Tamrielic and Daedric -- 4-21-19-11 -- which corresponds to the number of the letters in the alphabet sequence.]]