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Ria Silmane

Ria Silmane was the apprentice of Jagar Tharn. After Tharn took over the Imperial throne, he murdered Ria because he was not able to corrupt her. However, she kept her spirit bound to the mortal plane via her magic; yet her magicka reserves were constantly draining, limiting the time she had left. Ria could still cast magic, but it drained her energy even further. She aided the Eternal Champion in escaping the Imperial Prison and tracking down all eight pieces of the Staff of Chaos. She did not have a corporeal form, and she communicated largely through dreams and visions. She used up the last of her magicka to help the Champion infiltrate the Imperial Palace, and was never heard from again.

She first appears to you in the Imperial Prison. Ria gives you a ruby key to open the prison cell and teleports you far away from the Imperial City using a Shift Gate. After your escape, she becomes the guide through the entire main quest, appearing in dreams to give the latest information she learns about the Staff of Chaos. After you finally collects all eight pieces of the Staff of Chaos, Ria uses up the last of her energy to help you infiltrate the Imperial Palace. Ria Silmane then presumably travels to the Aetherius.

She first appears at the beginning of Arena and greets you with: "Do not fear for it is I, Ria Silmane. (Player's Name), listen to me, there are no others left to carry on this fight. You have been left in this cell to die. Jagar Tharn, Imperial Battlemage of Tamriel has taken on the guise of the true Emperor. He does not see you as a threat, being only a minor part of the Imperial Court. In that act of arrogance, he has made his first mistake. Look to the north wall of this cell. You will find a ruby key which will unlock the door. Take it and make your escape. The passages here were once used by Tharn to hide treasures he had stolen from the Emperor's coffers. If you wish, you can gather enough to support yourself away from the Imperial Seat. Be careful, there are many creatures which inhabit the sewers now, vile rats and goblins."

"It is too late for me, for I am already dead. Only my powers as a Sorceress keep me between this life and the next. That power however is waning. Do not succumb to greed or you may find these tunnels to be your final resting place as well. I can still work my magic to a certain extent. If you travel west from this cell, then south, you will find a Shift Gate. It will transport you far enough from the center of the Empire that you should be safe. If you survive these sewers you will see me again. Remember, (player's name), Tharn has taken on the guise of the Emperor. No one will gainsay his word for yours. I will come to you again in your dreams, so it is imperative that you rest from time to time. In that way I will be able to communicate with you and lend my aid. You are entering a dangerous arena, my friend, one in which the players are beings beyond your mortal comprehension. I do not envy your role. There is however a power within you as yet untapped. Look for me when you have gained experience in the world. You are my last and best hope."

After this she will appear after you have collected each piece of the Staff of Chaos.


  • If you die during your travels, Ria will appear and admonish you. She will talk about how the last hope for the empire is lost and wish you peace in Aetherius. This only occurs if you haven't collected any pieces of the Staff of Chaos.
  • Although Ria knows where the pieces of the staff are hidden, she only provides vague information at best. You must find the entrance to these ruins and infiltrate them on your own.