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A typical quest description

A complete list of the NPC dialogue related to Arena's Random Quests.

Inn QuestsEdit

A bartender, the Inn quest giver

If there's an available Inn Quest either randomly or gotten from work rumors spoken by City NPCs, when you're about to interact with the bartender you will receive one of the following messages:

  • Greetings:
    • "You're about to go to the bar when a [Description] called [Quest Giver] calls you to a table."
    • "Before you reach the bar, a [Description] called [Quest Giver] signals to you and speaks in a conspiratorial whisper:"
    • "A [Description] called [Quest Giver] nervously draws aside as you approach the bar."

Depending on the quest type, either random or previously defined by the rumor that started the quest, one of the following messages will appear:

  • Delivery:
    • "I need your help, if this [Item] isn't at [Location] by [date], my life ain't going to be worth a copper. Someone'll be there to take the [Item] if you're there on time, and I'm sure they'll give you [amount of gold] for it. Can you help me? I'm desperate."
    • "They tell me you're called [PC name]. If you're as tough as you look, I know a way for you to get a quick [amount of gold]. This [Item] I have was supposed to be at [Location] yesterday and if it ain't there by [Date] things could get real nasty. Someone there will give you your reward if you're at [Location] in time. Do we got a deal?"
    • "Lend me your ear for a moment, [PC race]. For reasons of utmost importance to the welfare of this [Settlement type], it is imperative that this [Item] be delivered to [Location] by [Date]. I have a contact there who will give you [Amount of gold] if you can make it on time. Will you help me and [Settlement's name]?"
  • Escorting:
    • "You're precisely the sort of [PC race] I've been looking for to escort my [Family relation] [NPC name] to [Location]. I know it's probably out of your way but if you can get him there by [Date] you'll at least be [Amount of gold] richer. [NPC name] will see to it that my contact at [Location] will pay. Will you agree to help me?"
    • "Good day. I'm having a little problem I hoped you be able [sic] to solve. For reasons of business, [NPC name], that's my [Family relation], needs to get to [Location] by [Date]. I had a couple of swordsmen hired to get him there, but they wound up dead a half hour ago, chopped into Goblin Snacks by the Afterdark Society. I was going to have my contact in [Location] pay them [Amount of gold]. That money's yours of you take their place."
    • "Sorry for disturbing you but I was hoping you might be on your way to [Location]. You see, I have a [Family relation] who needs to be escorted there and I have a friend there willing to pay up to [Amount of gold] if you can get him at [Location] by [Date]. I'd do it myself but I have an injury to my sword arm and I wouldn't be able to defend us if there was any trouble. Will you agree to escort my [Family relation] [NPC name]?"
  • Retrieval:
    • "You have a kindly [sic] face, [PC race] and I need a friend. You see, I loaned a [Item] of sentimental value to someone in [Location] and now I find I must have it back. Would you get it for me? I'd be happy to give you [Amount of gold] for it's safe return, but I must have the [Item] by [Date]. Do we have a deal?"
    • "I need help, young [PC race]. I am supposed to get a [Item] from an agent of mine in [Location]. If I don't have it by [Date] I will lose a great deal of money. Unfortunately, I cannot get the [Item] myself. I will give you [Amount of gold] if you get me the [Item] in time. Do you agree?"
    • "Good [PC race] if you could use [Amount of gold], hear me out. There is a certain person in [Location] who has something of my liege's, a [Item]. I loaned this [Item] a few weeks ago, and now I've discovered my liege is returning to [Settlement's name] early, on [Date]. Would you get this [Item] for me? You would have my gratitude and [Amount of gold]."

At this point, Inn Quests can be accepted or rejected:

  • Quest Accepted/Yes:
    • "Thank you, [PC name]. My mind is much eased. Good luck to you, good [PC race]."
    • "[Exclamation], the good spirits must have delivered you indeed. I'm relying on you, [PC name], do not let me down."
    • "You are my savior, good [PC race]. Goodbye and good luck."
  • Quest Rejected/No:
    • "Won't even consider it, eh? To be expected, I suppose. I've always heard that your typical [PC race] is a lazy, stupid, stinking pile of Kobold dung. No hard feelings."
    • "I understand. Thanks anyway. And, by the way, if you tell anyone what I just told you, I'll pull your teeth out by way of your neck. Have a nice day."
    • "Really? You won't help me? Then do me one favor: don't let anyone know what I talked to you about. Goodbye"

Retrieval quests have one additional step before finishing the quest, that of talking to a service-providing NPC to retrieve an item:

  • Item Retrieval:
    • "You're here for the [Item], am I right? Here it is. Tell [Quest Giver] I said thank you."
    • "Here's the [Item] that [Quest Giver] needs. You'd better be on your way back to him/her now."
    • "[Quest Giver] sent you for the [Item]? Damn, I could've used it. Well, hurry back to him/her."

When the quest objective is completed by talking to the intended NPC:

  • Delivery Completed:
    • "Ah, I had heard [Quest Giver] had sent you on this errand. Glad to see you made it on time with the [Item]. Here are your [Amount of gold]. Thank you."
    • "What a marvelous [Item], and it's even here on time. Quite unlike [Quest Giver] to be su punctual, I assure you. Well, enjoy your [Amount of gold] reward. You've earned it."
    • "I've been expecting you and the [Item] but I can tell you now I hadn't expected you to arrive on time. Good speed. I believe [Amount of gold] was the amount agreed on."
  • Escorting Completed:
    • "Good to see you, [NPC name]. I can see [PC name] protected you well against the annoyances of [Settlement's name] and has deserved the [Amount of gold]. Goodbye, mighty [PC race]."
    • "Good day to you, [NPC name], and to you, [PC race]. I'm pleased you have taken such good care of [Quest Giver]'s [family relation]. Your [Amount of gold] is well deserved. Enjoy it and fare you well."
    • "Remarkable job, I don't know if I could've survived that long with [NPC name]. But then, [Quest Giver]'s [Family relation] has always annoyed me greatly. Here is your [Amount of gold]. I bid you well."
  • Retrieval Completed:
    • "The [PC race] returns with my [Item]! You don't know how nervous I was, fearful you wouldn't be able to find [Location] or get back here in time. You have certainly deserved your [Amount of gold]. I owe you more than you will ever know. Thank you, good [PC race]."
    • "Excellent job, I knew you were the right [PC race] for the errand the moment I saw you in here. I wish I could give you more than these [Amount of gold]. Good luck, good adventurer, and know that someone in [Settlement's name] is forever grateful to you."
    • "I heard you had picked the [Item] from [Location] but I must admit I feared you wouldn't get it back here on time. As promised, here are your [Amount of gold]. I'm very grateful. Thank you, noble [PC race]."

Inn Quests Journal EntriesEdit

  • "You have agreed to deliver a [Item] to [Location] by [Date]."
  • "You have agreed to get a [Item] from [Location] and bring it back to the [Initial Location] by [Date]."
  • "You have agreed to escort [Quest Giver]'s [Family Relation], [PC Name], to [Location] by [Date]."

Palace QuestsEdit

A Ruler, the Palace Quest Giver

Palace Quests are added when you reach higher levels and a Bartender's work rumors direct you to the Settlement's ruler or by simply talking to a ruler after progressing enough in the game. The quests offered by a ruler often involve a randomly named noble or the standard Factions as either antagonists or allies to the quest giver and can be classified in those involving traveling to another settlement and those involving traveling to a dungeon. Regardless of these, the messages for greetings, and quest rejection are always the same but those for quest acceptance are not.

  • Greetings:
    • "Greetings, [PC name] and welcome to [Settlement name]. If you have come looking for fame and fortune, I am looking for someone to [Perform quest]. Can you help us?"
    • "Yes, I heard of you. You're undoubtedly trying to make a few gold pieces for yourself. Normally, I would dismiss you but right now the [Settlement type] could use someone of your type to [Perform quest] for us."
    • "I wish you had picked another time to visit [Settlement name]. I am ashamed to say we have become a [Settlement type] of fear and apprehension under an invalid [Ruler's title]. Perhaps you can help me, I need someone of your ability and resource to [Perform quest]. Do you wish to know more? "
    • "Ah, you're [PC name]. I will speak with you, for my [Settlement type] needs help. You must [Perform quest]. I have heard you had sufficient experience. Are you interested?"
    • "My dear [PC name], what a miserable day you've picked to visit my [Settlement type]. In truth, though, I'm very happy to see you for I've found myself in a dire situation. I need someone to [Perform quest] and I am willing to pay quite handsomely. Can you help?"
    • "On behalf of the citizenry of [Settlement name], I welcome you to our [Settlement type]. I hope that you might agree to help me. I need you to [Perform quest] for me. May I tell you more about the circumstances?"
    • "I welcome [PC name] to my [Settlement type]. Your arrival is fortuitous, for I have a favor to ask. If you would [Perform quest] for me, I would be happy to reward you in gold. Would you be interested in hearing more?"
    • "Good summertime to you, [PC name], I bid you welcome to [Settlement name]. Your reputation precedes you and I have need for your talents. I am looking for an outsider to [Perform quest] for me. I promise ample payment if you are successful. Are you interested in hearing more?"
    • "Welcome to [Settlement name], [PC name]. A pity the day is overcast. I assure you the beauty of [Settlement name] in the bright summer sunshine are unsurpassed. On the other hand, I am glad you arrive, for I am looking for someone of your talents to [Perform quest] for me. I promise an appropriate award in gold. Please, allow me to give you the details."
    • "Welcome to the [Settlement type] of [Settlement name]. You have been expected. Only a few hours ago the palace Oracle made augurs and said only you could [Perform quest]. Will you hear more?"
    • "I bid you welcome to the [Settlement type] of [Settlement name]. If I could, I would step from my throne myself, but such is not where my duty lies. My coffers are open to you should you accept my plea and [Perform quest] for me. Tell me, do you wish to know more?"
    • "Well, let us see if you can live up to that name. I have a rather urgent need for someone who can [Perform quest]. The [Settlement type] coffers are not exactly overflowing, but I won't be frugal about the reward if you accept. Would you be interested?"
    • "Do not think you are a stranger to me, [PC name]. You could not have picked a better time to pay a social call on our [Settlement type]. Not only is it my favorite time of the year, the dead of winter, but I have a favor to ask of you. Don't worry, I know better than to ask anything immoral of you just yet. If you would [Perform quest] for me, my coffers are wide open to you. You're brave enough to hear more, are you not?"
    • "Good day to you. I need your assistance. Would you [Perform quest] for me?"
    • "I am looking for someone who would [Perform quest] for a [Ruler's title]. Nothing could be simpler. Give me your allegiance on this matter and I will make you a rich person. Perhaps you would like me to describe the situation in more depth?"
  • "Welcome, [PC Name] to [Settlement Name]. It is an opportune moment for you to arrive, for I was just telling my advisors last night I need someone to [Perform Quest] for me. You will, of course, be generously rewarded. Shall I tell you more about it?"
  • "Sorry to have kept you waiting, [PC Name]. The duties of a [Ruler's Title] are exhausting. I would be extremely grateful and generous if you would relieve me of one of them. Specifically I need someone to [Perform Quest] for me. Would you like to hear the details about it?"
  • "Welcome to the [Settlement Type] of [Settlement Name]. I would beseech you to [Perform Quest] for me. I cannot say that it will be easy, but I can offer you a great reward in return. Perhaps I can tell you more?"
  • "I hope you are looking for work because I need to find someone who can do the job right. I am a generous [Ruler's Title], and you will be more than fairly paid if you would [Perform Quest] for me. Will you help me?"
  • "I would speak with you immediately, [PC Name], for I have a favor, or if you prefer, a quest to ask of you. If you would [Perform Quest] for me, I assure you that the reward will be extremely rich. Shall I tell you more?"
  • "I'm very glad to see the famous [PC Name] visiting our [Settlement Type], for we have need for your talents. An emergency situation is upon us, requiring someone who can [Perform Quest]. Can I count on you?"
  • "I am grateful you picked such a cold winter's day to visit [Settlement Name], [PC Name]. As you can see, I have many concerns right now, but I need your help desperately to [Perform Quest]. May I tell you more about the situation?"
  • "I would speak softly, for I do not wish to endanger the good cheer of my people, but I have need of you. If you would [Perform Quest] for me, I would be extremely grateful. Would you like to know more?"
  • "It appears I must find someone to [Perform Quest] for me. I understand that your time is valuable, so I am prepared to offer quite a handsome sum for you services. Shall I tell you more?"
  • "I bid you welcome to our [Settlement Type], [PC Name]. I need a person who can [Perform Quest]. In return, you will be rewarded beyond your most avaricious dreams. Do we have a deal?"
  • Quest Rejected/No:
    • "I understand. There would be some risks in accepting my quest and that naturally makes you nervous. Very well, young [PC race]. You will forgive me if I do not walk you to the door, goodbye."
    • "What a pity. I will have to find another champion. Good day, [PC name]. I wish you well."
    • "Well, I am not particularly surprised that you refuse this possible adventure, for I have heard that young [PC race] people like you are notoriously unambitious. I hope you are able to do something of some value elsewhere. Leave me now."
    • "Very well, I cannot force you to accept my plea. I hope all goes well on your travels, and you return to [Settlement name] someday. Now, you may go. I will find someone else eager to help a [Ruler's title] and become rich. Fare you well. "
    • "I am disappointed, but understand that a young adventurer's schedule is hard to break. I see you are doing well now. I hope good fortune smiles upon your efforts..."
    • "I suppose I cannot talk you into it. Perhaps there is another who will accept the risks in return for wealth and fame. Farewell, young [PC race]."
    • "I had hoped you would be interested but there are others who would gladly welcome the chance to fill their purses. I thank you but must turn my attention to other matters. Good luck on your travels."
    • "You would deny a pleading [Ruler's title] a small request such as this! Away with you then, for I have more important matters to consider than some amateur [PC race] adventurer. Begone!..."
Quest Accepted/Yes
  • If it involves a dungeon:
    • "You are doing a great deed for [Settlement name], [PC name]. The exact location of the dungeon has been inscribed in your map of Tamriel so you may travel efficiently. Fair luck be yours, [PC name]."
    • "You are a brave [PC race] indeed, [PC name]. I have inscribed the exact location of the Dungeon on your map of Tamriel. Use that to guide you. Good luck and good speed, [PC name]"
    • "Excellent! I've inscribed the location of the place on your map of Tamriel, use that to guide you. Good luck to you, [PC name]. May your mission be a success."
  • If it involves travel to another city:
    • "Then you shall be my champion, [PC name]. Be careful, young [PC race], and good luck."
    • "I am happy to make you my champion, [PC name], but I will be happier still when this business is behind us. Thank you, young [PC race], and good luck."
    • "Excellent, [PC name], you are brave indeed. I and all [Settlement name] will be relying on you. Move quickly, take care of yourself, and good luck be yours."

Dungeon QuestsEdit

  • Slaying Quest:
    • "My birthday is coming on [Date], and, as if in mockery, [Monster name] the [Monster type] has come to my lands to feed. It has slain all the hunters I have sent after it, but word has come that its liar is to [Direction] of my [Settlement type]. You must go there and kill it for me. If [Monster name] is alive to devour my people come [Date], the cost in human life and the loss of holiday revenue will be astronomical. I offer you [Amount of gold] for the death of the [Monster type]. Agreed?"
    • "[Monster name] the [Monster type] has fallen upon my lands like a plague. In the past, [Monster name] has terrorized the largest City-states and the humblest villages in the province, but I want its life to end here, in its liar to [direction]. Kill it by [Date], or it will feed on the people celebrating my annual festival. Imagine the political embarrassment. For a reward of [Amount of gold], are you strong enough to challenge [Monster name]?"
    • "My lands are being stalked by a deadly foe, one which has evaded my hunters for weeks. It is [Monster name], the [Monster type], and its liar is to [Direction] of the [Settlement type]. I will pay you [Amount of gold] if you would find it and kill it before it does anymore harm to my people. The monster must be dead before [Date], for I hold my daughter's wedding then and would have people not fear to come out of their homes. Do you agree?"
  • Capture Quest:
    • "Have you heard the tale of [NPC name], the infamous [NPC class]? I need him/her here, alive before my court of justice by [Date] by any means necessary, and I need you to do it. I suspect [Faction] is likely to defend him/her. It is not an easy task but I'm prepared to pay you [Amount of gold] if, and only if, you bring [NPC name] here on time. Do you accept this quest?"
    • "Come closer, I have no wish to open this discussion to all curious ears. I need someone of your skill to capture someone for me. He/She is [NPC name], a villainous [NPC class] and I wish to bring him/her to justice. Others know of my desire and may try to thwart you. It may be [Faction]. Be careful, it may take you as much as [Number of days] to journey to [NPC name]'s [Dungeon name] and back. I must have [NPC name] by [Date], or else he/she will be useless to me. In return for your service I will pay you [Amount of gold] when you return if you are successful. Do you agree?"
    • "There is a criminal, a villainous [NPC class] by the name of [NPC name], who is free in his/her home, the [NPC name]'s [Dungeon name], despite his/her many crimes against me and my rule. I need him/her before me by [Date] or he/she may escape my justice. He/She has a number of powerful allies but my counselors tell me [Faction] in particular will try to defend him/her. On your successful and punctual return with the [NPC class] in chains, you will be paid [Amount of gold]. Can I rely on you?"
  • Rescue Quest:
    • "[NPC name], my beloved [Family relation], a gentle soul unused to the cruelties of the world, has disappeared. I know that the forces of [Faction] are responsible and my poor [Family relation] is probably in [Dungeon name], a dungeon to [Direction]. The affair could not have happened at a worse time. You see, he/she is due to be married to an important political ally by [Date]. I must have my [Family relation] back by then or there will be chaos. It will not be easy for you to get back in time, for even if [Faction] knows not of my intentions of rescue, the [Dungeon name] is notoriously well-defended. If I agree to pay you [Amount of gold] for my [Family relation]'s safe return, may I count on your help?"
    • "[NPC name], my [Family relation], missing for days, has finally been located in the infernal pit of [Dungeon name] to [Direction]. I think He/She is the prisoner to [Faction] there. I need you to use your every talent to complete the rescue by [Date]. After that, I will send someone else and your reward of [Amount of gold] will be forfeit. I take it you realize the strength of [Faction] and will not accept this quest unless you feel you are capable. Are you the person for the quest?"
    • "A terrible fate has befallen [NPC name], my [Family relation]. I think he/she has been taken by [Faction] and secreted in a dungeon to [Direction]. The crypt's name is [Dungeon name]. If you would agree to save my [Family relation], I would reward you with [Amount of gold]. Be careful, however, I'm sure that [Faction] will try and stop you. You must have [NPC name] back before [Date], or my people may notice his/her absence. I cannot allow that. Hurry, and good luck! Will you agree?"

If you are performing a Capture or Rescue, you will have an extra short interaction with your target:

  • Rescue Message:
    • "[Exclamation], a rescuer from [Ruler's name]! Hurry, I must be home in [Settlement name] by [Date]!"
  • Capture Message:
    • "[NPC name] gives up the fight, figuring that perhaps [Ruler's name] will be more merciful than you."

Once the quest objective is fulfilled:

  • Slaying Completed:
    • "Is [Monster name] the [Monster type] dead at last? No other [Settlement type] in the province was able to defeat this monster, but thanks to you, [Settlement name] will be called the [Settlement type] that slew [Monster name]. You have certainly earned your [Amount of gold], good [PC race]. Take it and go in peace. "
    • "You do not even have to tell me that the fearsome [Monster type] is dead. Word has spread quickly. Already there are ballads being written about how the brave [PC race] slew [Monster name], scourge of [Settlement name]. Of course, fame alone cannot keep you fed, so here is the [Amount of gold] I promised you. Good luck and come back to our [Settlement type] anytime."
    • "Even before you arrived, I heard from the peasants outside that [Monster name] the great [Monster type] was dead, slain by a valiant [PC race]. You have earned your [Amount of gold] and a place in the history of [Settlement name], if not the whole province. The [Ruler's title] and people of [Settlement name] thanks you."
  • Capture Completed:
    • "O most wicked [NPC class], at last you must pay for your crimes. I will be more merciful to you than you were to the people of my [Settlement type]. Away with him/her. As for you, [PC name], here is the reward of [Amount of gold] I promised. Know that the [Ruler's title] of [Settlement name] is grateful to you."
    • "Ah, [NPC name], you do not look so happy to see an old friend. I hope [PC name] treated you kindly. My palace court is meeting now, and there you will doubtlessly be given the same gentleness. Treasurer, give [PC name] the [Amount of gold] I promised. You have my gratitude, young [PC race]."
    • "Welcome back to [Settlement name], [PC name]. Let me see what guest you have brought. Why it is [NPC name], my old friend. I believe you have an appointment with my court of law, [NPC class]. As for [PC name], you should be proud to have brought this wicked man/woman to justice. Here are the [Amount of gold] I promised. Go in peace."
  • Rescue Completed:
    • "My heart is full of gratitude to you. I feared I would never see my [Family relation] again. In addition to your reward of [Amount of gold], I have ordered my scribes to write you into the tomes of [Settlement name], so you will never be forgotten. Bless you, good [PC race]."
    • "You have rescued my [Family relation] from [Faction] and my gratitude to you is enormous. Please accept the [Amount of gold] as a token of the debt I owe. Good luck on your travels. You will be remembered in [Settlement name]."
    • "[NPC name], my beloved [Family relation], free at last from [Faction]. Good [PC name], you have made my heart glad indeed. Here are the [Amount of gold] I promised. May Marduk the Good smile upon you and grant you happiness."

City QuestsEdit

  • Delivery Quest:
    • "If you agree to take this [Item] to [Faction] in [Targeted Settlement name] [Direction] of [Settlement name] by [Date], I can promise you [Amount of gold] from the representative there. You will find [Faction]'s man in [Location]. I believe [Enemy Faction] will try to stop this shipment, but my council believes otherwise. We are agreed [sic] that you should be ready for any encounter. It may be very dangerous indeed but you will be [Amount of gold] richer if you reach [Location] by [Date]. Do we have a deal?"
    • "Would you deliver this [Item] to [Faction] in the [Settlement type] of [Targeted Settlement name]? A representative of [Faction] will be there to reward you with [Amount of gold] for your trouble. [Targeted Settlement name] lies less than [Number of days] journey from here. You must get this vital information to [Faction]'s man in [Location] before [Date], or it will be worthless. There are rumors that [Enemy Faction] will try to stop you. I would not put much faith in that, for my enemies are many. Be alert at all times for anyone. You would be doing my people a great service. Do you agree?"
    • "I need you to deliver this [Item] to the representative of [Faction] in [Targeted Settlement name], a [Settlement type] not even [Number of days] journey to [Direction]. You must get the [Item] there before [Date] for it to help [Faction]. My council believes that [Enemy Faction] will stand between you and [Faction]'s man. I cannot be sure this is true, but I would advise vigilance nevertheless. If you can make this delivery to [Location] in [Targeted Settlement name] on time, [Faction] will be you [Amount of gold]. Would you accept this quest? "
  • Escorting Quest:
    • "My [Family relation], [NPC name], has urgent business in [Targeted Settlement name], business that demands he/she be there by [Date]. If you can make certain he/she makes it to my representative at [Location] by then, you will be paid [Amount of gold]. My council believes [Faction] will try to stop my [Family relation] before he/she makes it to [Targeted Settlement name], but this may or may not be true. Can I entrust this errand to you?"
    • "I would be most grateful if you agree to escort my [Family relation], [NPC name], to [Targeted Settlement name]. If you can deliver him/her to [Location] there where a representative of mine will be there to receive you. [Targeted Settlement name] lies approximately [Number of days] riding from here. You must however deliver [NPC name] before [Date], otherwise you will not be paid. Remember, I'm hiring you to deliver him/her safely and quickly, else I would escort him/her there myself. There are rumors that [Faction] will try to stop you. Though I would not put too much trust in that, be alert in any case. For taking this amount of time out of your busy schedule, my representative will gladly pay you [Amount of gold] upon your arrival. Do you agree?"
    • "I have a contact in [Targeted Settlement name], a little less than [Number of days] to [Direction], in [Location] waiting for the delivery of [NPC name], my [Family relation]. I cannot say it is true though I have my suspicions that he, in alliance with [Faction], plans to usurp my throne. Regardless of these accusations, I need [NPC name] out of court politics. It may be a hazardous journey If he does, in fact, have allies against me. Thus if you cannot get to [Location] by [Date], my contact there is under orders to leave to [sic] assume my [Family relation] is free and to avoid any repercussions. Your generous payment of [Amount of gold] will be forfeit. Do you agree to these terms."
  • Retrieval Quest:
    • "My friend, I fear for the secession of my [Family relation], for ambition is great within this court. If anything were to happen to me, I shudder at the fate of [Settlement name]. I need you to make a [Number of days] journey to [Targeted Settlement name] and back. You will find a representative of [Faction] in [Location] – he will have this [Item] for you. I must have my [Item] in my hands by [Date] or the consequences may be all too dire. [Enemy Faction] will try to stop you if my spies are correct. They have not been reliable of late. If you can recover my [Item] from [Faction] by then, I promise you [Amount of gold]. Can I count on you?"
    • "In a philanthropic spirit I now regret, I loaned [Faction] of [Targeted Settlement name] an [Item] that belonged, I suppose, more to my [Settlement type] that [sic] to me. I find I need to have that [Item] back here by [Date]. [Faction] has a representative waiting for you in [Targeted Settlement name], which is no more than [Number of days] trip to [Direction], in a place called [Location]. I have a lot of enemies who would like to see me suffer, so you might encounter some opposing forces. You will have [Amount of gold] if the [Item] is back by [Date]. Agreed?"
    • "Some months ago, for reasons too mired in the muck of politics to explain, I gave [Faction] of [Targeted Settlement name] a [Item] of mine. It has become extremely important to get this [Item] back in [Settlement name]. I understand you will find a representative of [Faction] in [Targeted Settlement name] which is [Number of days] to [Direction] by horse and back. I know not whether the rumors that [Enemy Faction] wants to keep the [Item] in [Targeted Settlement name] are true. There could be some resistance in the way to [Location] in [Targeted Settlement name]. I am prepared to offer you [Amount of gold] If that [Item] is here in the palace by [Date]. Can I count on your help?"

As with Inn Retrieval Quests, their Palace equivalent also have an extar interaction when you pick the quest item:

  • Item Retrieval:
    • "You're here for the [Item], am I right? Here it is. Tell [Ruler's name] I said thank you."
    • "Here's the [Item] that [Ruler's name] needs. You'd better be on your way back to him/her now."
    • "[Ruler's name] sent you for the [Item]? Damn, I could've used it. Well, hurry back to him/her."

Once the quest objective is fulfilled:

  • Delivery Completed:
    • "You must be [PC name], I am from [Faction], sent to pick up the [Item] from you. I'm glad you found the [Location] on time. Here is your [Amount of gold] award."
    • "My client, the council of [Faction] is very anxious to get their hands on that [Item], and they will be so pleased that you delivered it on time. Please, accept these [Amount of gold] as a humble token of our esteem. Now, I must be off. Goodbye."
    • "Ah, we were afraid you wouldn't be able to find [Location] in time. [Faction] will be so relieved to get this [Item], and you will not be forgotten, my good [PC race]. Here's [Amount of gold], as promised. Thank you and goodbye."
  • Escorting Completed:
    • "Welcome to [Location]. I see you have [Ruler's name]'s [Family relation] [NPC name] with you. It is my pleasure to offer you [Amount of gold], as promised."
    • "Good day, I am glad to see the [Family relation] of [Ruler's name] had such a professional escort to [Targeted Settlement name]. Please accept our gratitude and these [Amount of gold]."
    • "What a delight to see you and [NPC name] at [Location] on time. Good job, [PC race]. Here is your promised [Amount of gold]."
  • Retrieval Completed:
    • "The people of [Settlement name] may never know what you have done for them by retrieving my [Item] but I shall never forget. Take your [Amount of gold] and know that you have the gratitude of [Ruler's name] of [Settlement name]"
    • "Ah, you have my [Item]. I have to admit I feared you would not return in time. You have earned your [Amount of gold], good [PC race]. I thank you."
    • "I am glad to see you found my [Item]. You have my thanks for your timely return and the [Amount of gold] I promised you. You will not be soon forgotten in this court."

Palace Quests Journal EntriesEdit

  • "You have promised [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] of [Settlement Name] to deliver [Item] to a representative of [Faction] of [Target Settlement Name] in [Target Settlement Name] by [Date]. You have [Time Limit] days to complete this quest."
  • "You have been hired by [Ruler's Name], [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name] to recover [Item] from [Faction] of [Target Settlement Name]. A representative will be waiting for you in [Target Settlement Name]. You must have [Item] in the [Ruler's Title]'s hands by [Date]."
  • "You are escorting [Family Relation's Name], [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name]'s [Family Relation], to [Target Settlement Name] in [Target Settlement Name], [Direction] of [Settlement Name]. You must bring [Family Relation's Name] to [Target Settlement Name] by [Date]."
  • "You have been hired by [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] to bring [Criminal's Name], a [Criminal's Class] of [Target Settlement Name] back to [Settlement Name] by [Date]. [Criminal's Name] is in the [Dungeon]."
  • "[Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] has hired you to rescue [Family Relation's Name], the [Ruler's Title]'s [Family Relation] who is imprisoned in the [Dungeon], [Direction] of [Settlement Name]. You must have [Family Relation's Name] back in [Settlement Name] by [Date] to earn the [Amount Of Gold] gold reward."
  • "You are on a quest to slay the dread [Monster Type] [Monster Name] for [Ruler's Name], [Ruler's Title] of [Settlement Name]. [Monster Name]'s lair is said to be [Direction] of [Settlement Name], and you must have killed the beast by [Date]."

Failing QuestsEdit

A typical quest fail message

Side Quests can be failed if you surpass the time limit to complete them. Inn quests have no Dialogue in these instances but Palace quests do. Should this occur, one of the following messages or dialogue with NPCs may take place:

Failing Inn QuestsEdit

Failing Inn Delivery/Retrieval Quests
  • ''Your inventory feels somewhat lighter. Apparently, some kind pickpocket has relieved you of some of your burden."
  • "Reflecting on the [Item]'s value now that it is too late to complete the delivery, you toss it into the grass."
  • "The [Item] has no value to anyone but the person for whom you were delivering it. As it is too late to complete the quest, you toss it away."
  • "It is too late to get the [Item] to the only place where it is worth something. You toss it into the nearest bush."
  • "An uneasy feeling comes over you. You suspect something has been taken from you by some nimble-fingered thief."
  • "As Late as it is, you are not going to get one gold piece for the [Item] now. In the interest of traveling light, you toss it into the grass."
Failing Inn Escort Quests
  • "[PC Name] says, Listen, I know my way from here. Thanks for your help, [PC Name]. He/She hurries away."
  • "Sorry, [PC Name] says, hurrying off, But at this rate, I'll never make it. I'll just find my way myself."
  • "I don't even know why I needed an escort in the first place. [PC Name] waves goodbye and leaves, figuring He/She can find His/Her own way."
  • "[PC Name] asks you whether you are almost to [Location], commenting that He/She must be there tomorrow. Do you think you'll be able to make it there on time?"
  • "[Quest Giver]'s [Family Relation] [PC Name] seems a little doubtful that you'll make it to [Location] by tomorrow. You know He/She is willing to go on alone."
  • "[PC Name] leaves the group and heads out, assuming He/She can make it to [Location] alone."
Failing Inn Quests while sleeping
  • "You awake with a start. Someone has been rummaging through your pack, you are sure of it."
  • "You are dreaming of someone standing over you, searching through your belongings for something and finding what he seeks."
  • "There is a shuffling of feet and you hear someone run away. Your pack lies open on the floor, its contents spilling at your feet. Something is missing."

Failing Palace QuestsEdit

A few Palace Quests can be failed in specific circumstances resulting in special messages popping out on the screen. All, however, have related dialogue lines with the Quest Giver.

Failing Palace Escort Quests
  • "I am supposed to be in [Target Settlement Name] with [Faction] tomorrow. Do you think you'll be able to get me there on time?"
  • "You hear behind you a distinct pop. You see [Criminal's Name] has disappeared, apparently by some magical spell."
Failing Capture Quests After Capturing The Criminal
  • "A troop of guards bearing the colors of [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] take [Criminal's Name] prisoner and bear him off to face the [Ruler's Title]."
Failing Rescue Quests After Rescuing The Target
  • "It is essential that I not be late. Do you think you can get me to [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] by tomorrow?"
  • "[Family Relation's Name] thanks you for your assistance and leaves you, figuring [Family Relation's Name] has a better chance making it to the [Ruler's Title] alone."
Failing Delivery/Retrieval Quests
  • "Several men wearing the colors of [Ruler's Title] [Ruler's Name] arrive. They say the [Ruler's Title] is impatient for the [Item] and take it from you."
  • "You feel a strange, uncomfortable sensation, as if something somehow has been taken from you."

Regardless of how the quest fails, all Quest Giver rulers have related Palace Quests Dialogue generated when the quest fails that will be shown next time you speak with them:

Failing Slaying Quest

  • "I did not require you to bring me the head of [Monster name]: I would have originally believed that the [Monster type] was dead. But I only just heard that a farmer right outside my [Settlement type] was murdered by [Monster name]. I must send someone else to rid my lands from this menace. Leave me now."
  • "I told you to slay the [Monster Type] [Monster Name] by [Date] if you recall. I had expected more from an experienced [PC Race] like you than my own hunters. It would appears [sic] I was wrong. Begone, you will get no reward from me."
  • "Well, [Monster Name] did not attack my celebration as expected, but only because it moved elsewhere in the province. As for you, you couldn't slay a goblin grub. Do not expect any reward from me. Off with you, young [PC Race]."

Failing Rescue Quest

  • "Interesting rescuing procedure. My [Family relation] arrived, worn and bedraggled from a long journey by foot. I cannot say that you did nothing to rescue him/her but obviously not enough to merit your reward. Be off with you."
  • "Ah, good to see you again, [PC Name]. Are you well? My [Family Relation] is grateful for the meager assistance you gave [Family Relation's Name] in escaping the [Dungeon]. You know [Family Relation's Name] returned to my palace only hours ago, of course. Had you returned my [Family Relation] yourself, I would have given your reward. As it is, that would be absurd. Farewell."
  • "When I saw my [Family Relation] walk out of the wilderness and through the city gates, I ran to ask where you were, you who had rescued [Family Relation's Name]. Imagine my surprise when [Family Relation's Name] said [Family Relation's Name] had never seen you at all, let alone been rescued by you. That constitutes mission failure, young [PC Race], and that means no reward. Goodbye."

Failing Capture Quests

  • "Perhaps I did not make myself clear when you were here, but I needed you to bring me [NPC name], the scourge of [Settlement name], by [Date]. Your reward of [Amount of gold] gold was based on that. Please leave me now."
  • "Where, you loathsome excrement, is [Criminal's Name], the man I sent you for? Was it too difficult an assignment for you to get one lone [Criminal's Class]? I told you I have no patience for incompetence. Leave me, you [PC Race] dungpile [sic], and do not even think of asking for one copper piece of your reward."
  • "I asked you to capture [Criminal's Name] by [Date], do you recall? Now it is past [Date], and you come to me emptyhanded [sic]. Well, you shall return empty handed, without a piece of the [Amount Of Gold] gold reward. I had considered lopping your fingers off to make my point, so consider yourself lucky. Off with you."

Failing Palace Delivery Quests

  • "I received word from [Faction] that there was no shipment of that [Item]. It was extremely embarrassing for me. [Faction] thought I would chose [sic] someone capable of such a delivery. It shows a bit of nerve for you to come back to my court, unsuccessful in your quest. You are not expecting payment from me surely? Now, please go. Leave my sight."
  • "Your timing could not be better. A messenger from [Faction] just informed me that you never managed to get the [Item] to [Target Settlement Name]. I wish you had told me you were not skilled enough to complete the quest before you accepted it. Begone, cretinous orc-vomit."
  • "I have to say I admire your courage, [PC Race]. Not many would return to the palace where they received instructions they could not follow. Yes, I have already heard that you were not able to get my [Item] to [Faction]. Ah well, it was probably too much for someone with your limited experience. You may leave in dishonor, but in peace."

Failing Palace Retrieval Quests

  • "I did not get my [Item] by [Date], so you will not see your [Amount of gold] gold reward. You may leave in peace, I had considered removing all the veins from your body for inconveniencing me but I changed my mind. I am a fair [Ruler's title] after all."
  • "I thought we had a deal. [Amount Of Gold] gold for my [Item] back from [Target Settlement Name] by [Date]. You appear incapable of fulfilling your part, and I would not insult you by explaining why you will receive no reward. Good day, young [PC Race]."
  • "Damn you, bastard child of a [PC Race] whore. You have no idea what trouble you have caused by not getting my [Item] on time. If I were the same kind of [Ruler's Title] as my predecessor, I would have your lungs removed and eat them. Leave me now, before I am tempted to do just that."

Failing Palace Escort Quests

  • "[Exclamation] What in the Emperor's name are you doing back in [Settlement name]? I sent you to [Location] with my [Family relation] and I understand he/she never arrived, you idiotic [PC race]. I must hire someone else to find her. Leave my sight before I do something violent."
  • "Had I known that my [Family Relation] was capable of getting to [Target Settlement Name] alone, I would not have wasted my time with you. As you have found, [Family Relation's Name] is obviously more capable than I thought. I assume you have not come to ask for payment but to apologize for your sloppy job escorting, Apology accepted. You may now leave."
  • "My [Family Relation] is indeed in [Target Settlement Name]. I received word only a few minutes ago. So you need not worry about [Family Relation's Name]. I am sure you know I cannot pay you for failure. Begone, [PC Name]."