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Hit Points 15 - 40
Damage 2 - 12
Experience HP × 15 + 200 (425 - 800)
STR 60 INT 30
WIL 30 AGI 65
END 50 PER 30
SPD 50 LUC 50

Orcs are an average humanoid monster, between the lizard man and the Minotaur in strength. Note that in Arena, Orcs are considered to be monsters, unlike later Elder Scrolls games in which Orcs are a playable race (see the Lore article for details).

When killed they have a 25% chance to drop 4 - 40 gold, a 15% chance to drop a magic item or potion, 50% chance to drop a low-quality item and a 5% chance of a magic armor or weapon.

"Orcs are a larger version of goblins. Indeed, scholars have often speculated that these two creatures are somehow related. Nevertheless, they are stronger than their cousins, and very dangerous, often equipping themselves with weapons found on their opponents. They are not overly intelligent, but are cunning enough to stalk their prey and set up ambushes."
Arena Player's Guide

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