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Jagar Tharn
Jagar Tharn
Hit Points 500
Damage Spell Damage
Experience HP × 0 + 75,000 (75,000)
STR 60 INT 100
WIL 90 AGI 95
END 90 PER 60
SPD 85 LUC 75
  • Casts Wizard's Fire, Ice Bolt, Wyvern's Sting, Lightning, Far Silence, and Spell Drain.
  • Sees invisible.
  • Puts himself in a protective force field cocoon upon his "death", making him ultimately invulnerable in melee combat.

Jagar Tharn is the Imperial Battle Mage of Uriel Septim VII and Arch-Traitor to the Empire. He serves as the final boss of Arena. He is practically invulnerable, having secured his lifeforce in the Jewel of Fire which conveniently lies nearby in the Imperial Palace where you fight him.

For lore information see the lore article.


Upon resting after collecting each piece of the Staff of Chaos, Tharn will appear before you in your dreams, then send his minions to attack you.

Fang LairEdit

"I do not know who you are, but you have made a fatal mistake. Ria Silmane and her feeble powers are no protection for you. I should have discorporated her when I had the chance. I will not make the same mistake again. I will use the same dream bridge that she uses, sending my minions across time and space. Already they arrive, ones worthy of the attention you deserve. They will relieve you of the burden of the Staff piece you now hold. Give it to them and I will order your death painless and quick. Resist and I shall see you in such suffering that you will grovel for the sweet release of death..."


"You have survived the tests most dire. Continue along this path however and you will face such things as to make your very heart freeze. I will save you the ordeal for my servants approach you even now. From your mangled corpse I will take what is mine..."

Elden GroveEdit

"Why do you choose to align against me when it is obvious that I will destroy you. Even as each piece of the Staff comes into your possession it becomes easier to find you, and I have done just that. Face my creatures, if you dare. I am through toying with you..."

Halls of ColossusEdit

"It is obvious, whoever you are, that you are a cunning and worthy foe. Perhaps Ria chose well, even if it was her last act. I will not insult your intelligence with further digression. My minions soon approach, but I will not consign you to the dark door of Death. You have proven your worth. Once you are killed, I will raise you to fight for me, as one of my servants. Give in to me now and I offer you everlasting life..."

Crystal TowerEdit

"I have underestimated you, that is clear. You not only have defeated the useless creatures I have sent against you, but managed to survive encounters that in and of itself could be the stuff of legends. It is sad that I am forced to destroy you. Prepare, for my minions arrive..."

Crypt of HeartsEdit

"You have rejected my offer of everlasting life. Your list of accomplishments grow. You will not however, accomplish the forging of the Staff. My forces are inexhaustible, and you will succumb. Prepare, for my servants arrive..."


"You amaze me with your tenacity. This game however, is at an end. As you may already know, the final piece of the Staff is in Dagoth-Ur, in the province of Morrowind. The information is useless to you, for none know the entrance to the volcano, and even if you survive the creatures I have sent against you now, you will not survive its depths. I bid you farewell, [PC first name]. You have been a most worthy opponent..."


"I congratulate you on your success. Have you discovered however, what I have known all along? The Staff is drained of all magical potential. I did it myself before scattering the pieces across the realm. It is a useless stick, good for churning butter or rowing a boat, but not for saving the Emperor. Come find me if you dare, and I will relieve you of any further burdens you may think to face. My legions await..."

The Imperial PalaceEdit

Upon entering the palace:

"I have watched as you blundered your way to this place. At one time I even considered approaching you with an offer to lead my Imperial Guards, but it is plain that you are not worthy of such a position. Be not fooled by what you would call success in your journey across the Empire, for you have never faced a being as powerful as I. Your death shall be slow and torturous, a suffering that shall span the millenium [sic]. Come, I await you in the dungeons below..."

Upon interacting with the Jewel of Fire:

"You must not! The Jewel holds my lifeforce!!!"


If you die after acquiring at least one piece of the Staff of Chaos, Tharn will show up to taunt you:

"You were a fool to confront me, and now have paid the ultimate price. Even now my servants go to fetch your mortal husk. You will serve me well through my years as Emperor, once I have made you undead. Perhaps I will even let you retain some of your memories, so that the price of your failure has meaning to you...."