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Fire Daemon
Fire Daemon
Hit Points 225 - 350
Damage 10 - 40
Experience HP × 65 + 20,000 (34,625 - 42,750)
STR 90 INT 80
WIL 80 AGI 90
END 80 PER 70
SPD 80 LUC 60
  • Resistance to fire damage
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Sees invisible

Fire Daemons are fearsome opponents, able to cast powerful fireballs at range, and capable of lethal melee up close.

They leave no corpse but have a 75% chance to drop a magic item or potion, a 50% chance to drop a low-quality item, 50% chance to drop a magic armor or weapon and a 19% chance for 17-170 gold.

These creatures are from the netherworld, often gating themselves into our plane of existence on some errand of their choosing. They are dangerous foes, highly intelligent, completely chaotic in nature, and powerful in the ways of magic. They are resistant to fire, and are subject to attack only by mithril weapons or better. They are very dangerous to face. Fire daemons also have the ability to see invisible creatures.
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