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The Equipment menu

The Equipment (or inventory) menu allows control of almost everything that your character carries except their clothing, which in Arena is not customizable beyond choosing either a male or female character and a mage (sub) class or a non-mage class.

This menu allows you to check the status of various items and equip various weapons, armor and accessories that have armor rate bonuses or other abilities. It also allows you to see quest items and while escorting NPCs, which, when clicked on, will mention that the item (or NPC) cannot be equipped, displaying the following message: "You cannot equip this item". Right clicking brings up a message to check the quest log, which refers to the journal. It also has an option labeld "Spellbook", showing spells your character knows.

Colors of items indicate different things:

  • Orange indicates an unequipped item.
  • Yellow indicates an equipped item.
  • Blue indicates an equipable or usable item with an unknown magical effect.
  • Red indicates a usable item or a quest item.

The equipment menu can only display and therefore carry a maximum of 40 items, regardless of your character's encumbrance level. This limit doesn't apply to quest items, acting as a method to prevent players from getting stuck when receiving an item during a quest.

The Spellbook option allows you to see which spells your character has learned, if any, as non-spellcasters cannot ever have spells without the use of mods. Spells are ordered in order of acquisition, not alphabetically like the walk around menu.

Magical accessories can be equipped but cannot be used from this menu. To use them, you have to activate the 'use' command to open the "walk around menu" during gameplay. Potions don't need to be equipped to be able to use them.


  • If a player presses the Spellbook button, the color shown matches with the color of the lowest visible item in the list.


  • Due to an unknown cause, the lower portion of the character window on which your character stands might become a void with missing textures, resulting in it appearing black. ?