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Help a disgraced court mage by banishing an ancient necromancer.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Hall of the Dead - Discover what disturbs the dead.
Quest Giver: Malana
Location(s): Hall of the Dead
Reward: Lodorr's Crown
High Leveled Gold.
XP Gain: (?)
In the Hall of Dead beneath Windhelm I met Malana. She plans to gain favor of King Jorunn's court by eliminating Lodorr, an ancient necromancer entombed in the Merethic Era.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Malana inside the Hall of the Dead.
  2. Find the necromancer's tomb.
  3. Open the sarcophagus and fight Lodorr.
  4. Defeat Ulfnir Ice-Blood and find Lodorr's Crown.
  5. Speak to Malana and make a choice.
  6. Follow Malana and prepare yourself for a fight.
  7. Speak to the ghost of Lodorr.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


  • Lodorr's Crown will only be awarded for the first character that completes this quest. From then, it will appear in the Mementos options, even if the quest has not been completed on that character.
  • It doesn't matter what choice you make regarding giving the relic to Malana: she turns hostile either way, and the quest is always completed by speaking to Lodorr's ghost.

Quest StagesEdit

Lost Crown
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Malana asked me to help her locate Lodorr's tomb.
Objective: Locate Lodorr's Tomb
Lodorr's sarcophagus must be opened.
Objective: Open Lodorr's Sarcophagus
Lodorr exploded from his sarcophagus, ready for a fight. Malana is unconscious.
Objective: Kill Lodorr
Lodorr has been defeated. Malana is not celebrating.
Objective: Talk to Malana
Lodorr's Crown is missing. Malana suspects a draugr named Ulfnir Ice-Blood holds it.
Objective: Defeat Ulfnir Ice-Blood and Search His Body for Lodorr's Crown
Lodorr's Crown has been recovered. I should deliver it to Malana.
Objective: Take Lodorr's Crown to Malana
Malana has revealed herself as an enemy. She must be defeated.
Objective: Kill Malana
☑Finishes quest Lodorr's spirit has manifested in the tomb.
Objective: Talk to Lodorr
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