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Developer Dire Wolf Digital
Release Date
August 4, 2016 (open beta)

March 9, 2017 (launch)

Release Date
May 2017
Release Date
March 23, 2017 (iPad)

Summer 2017 (iPhone)

Release Date
April 2017 (tablets)

Summer 2017 (mobile)

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a digital card strategy spin-off of the Elder Scrolls franchise developed by Dire Wolf Digital for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The game is free-to-play.

A fall 2015 release was initially announced, although that date was subsequently removed from the official website. On December 17, 2015, Pete Hines confirmed that it would not be out by the end of the year.[1] Beta sign-ups opened on April 21, 2016 alongside the launch of the product website on Bethesda.net. The NDA was lifted on July 27, 2016, and it entered open beta on PC on August 4, 2016. The game was officially launched on March 9, 2017.

The iPad version entered open beta on October 6, 2016, but was only available in Canada. It was released on March 23, 2017 in all regions. The Android tablet version entered open beta on April 6, 2017, but is only available in Canada and Poland; it's planned to be released in April 2017. A mobile release for both Android and iPhone is planned for early summer of 2017.

Gameplay Information

  • Cards — Information on the various cards
    • Attributes — Deck-building options which define your class
    • Card Types — Different types of cards and how they function
    • Card Effects — Information on the different types of card effects
    • Training — Upgrades available to certain cards
  • Classes — The ten classes that each deck adheres to
  • Getting Started — A guide explaining basic gameplay mechanics
  • Lanes — Information on lane types
  • Races — The racial options available, and how they affect gameplay
  • Soul Gems — The system of deconstructing and crafting cards

Game Modes

  • Story — A campaign mode that involves facing off against the AI
  • Practice — A single round using pre-constructed decks against the AI
  • Ranked — A single round using pre-constructed deck against other players
  • Solo Arena — A mode involving consecutive matches and deck building against the AI
  • Versus Arena — A mode involving consecutive matches and deck building against other players

Miscellaneous Information

  • Pre-Release Content — Information released prior to the game's launch
  • Purchases — Information on in-game purchases
  • System Requirements — System requirements for the PC version of the game
  • Terminology — A glossary of commonly-used phrases in the game and community
  • Titles — A list of titles that can be earned

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  1. ^ Pete Hines, Twitter, Dec. 17, 2015
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