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Arena is a gameplay mode in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The arena consists of several consecutive matches, and can be either against other players or against the AI. Rather than using one of the player's already-constructed decks, the player chooses one of three offered classes to play as, and they are given a selection of cards within that class to build a 30-card deck from. The deck will last only through the remainder of the arena.

Rewards from the Arena are greater than the rewards earned in the campaign and Battle modes, and may include legendary cards or multiple card packs.

Arena tickets will be a purchasable item and also can be earned through normal gameplay.

Solo and Versus Arena modes both have a rank system, each independent of the other.

Every time you earn a rank, you earn a promotion reward of fifty gold.[verification needed — see talk page]

You earn a rank every time[verification needed — see talk page] you reach the final opponent.


A list of ranks follows:

  1. Bloodletter
  2. Pit Dog
  3. Warrior

Solo ArenaEdit

In Solo Arena, the player faces off against the AI. The Solo Arena consists of eight opponents and a boss, and the player can lose only three times.

Players are shown all of the color pairs they will be facing in the Arena, and can choose which match they want to play next in any order. Every time a player wins a match, they are given a choice of 3 cards to add to their Arena deck.

Players will receive an Adoring Fan card for defeating an Arena boss for the first time.

Versus ArenaEdit

In Versus Arena, the player faces off against seven consecutive other players. It costs 150 gold to enter.

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